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Edit: given the service we got from Deep Surplus last time round, we ordered another round of cables. This time round, things were less planned - some assumptions about cable lengths were changed at the last minute for a somewhat unique install that's going to begin on Tuesday, so we were relying on DS to hustle like they did last time to get the order out.

If anything, they beat their response time from the previous order. The order was acknowledged at 2:18pm (Hawai'i time) and an email stating that it hand been completed was received at 2:29pm. This must've just made it onto the UPS truck as their pickup is at 5:30pm Pacific. A shipping confirmation was received at 5:36pm.

Like I said before, these guys must've been a pit crew in a former life.

We received the cables early this afternoon (July 27th) and I went through the box to check what arrived, only to find that there was a mistake on the most critical part of the orer. We bought Cat6 for the part of the install that would be most difficult (a moving cable drape inside an energy chain with a pile of other cables and hoses) so we wouldn't have to pull and replace it later, but we received Cat5E.

I called them immediately, and they offered to overnight replacements to us, but they apologised that the replacements wouldn't leave until Monday (it was a few minutes after 5:30pm Pacific, and UPS had already came) and wouldn't get here until Tuesday morning, by which time we'd be on a plane to Maui to go do the install. I told them that they would probably arrive too late, but to go ahead and ship 'em anyway.

A couple of minutes later, I got a breathless phone call from the lady (Victoria? Virginia? I forget) I had talked to saying that she'd literally run out to see if UPS was still making their pickup. She managed to catch the driver and hold him just long enough to get our replacement cables boxed and loaded.

Basically, the guy in the back that grabbed the cables screwed up, missing the one Cat6 part of the order amongst a sea of Cat5E. However, Deep Surplus did their damndest to make things right (overnighting these cables to Hawai'i cost them a fortune), so as long UPS doesn't make a mess of things, they will have atoned for their mistake.

Previous order 265727:

We hadn't ordered from Deep Surplus before, but they had a handful of very good reviews here, so we thought we'd take a chance. We ordered close to 150 cables of various types (mainly cat5e of different colours/lengths).

It literally took them 2-3 hours to gather all the cables together ship the order, which is just amazing. Not even the likes of newegg is capable of a response like that.

The box arrived today, and sitting on the top of the cables was a ziploc with a little thank you card and a bag of Skittles. The funny part about that was when my colleague saw me unpacking the box of multi-coloured cables, he commented about having a rainbow of fruit flavours. When I showed him the candy, he was speechless...

Assuming everything works, if we need more cables in future (we probably will pretty soon), I'll definitely consider Deep Surplus. They have good prices, a good range of products (cables in all more or less standard lengths in every colour you can think of) and a shipping department that seems to be moonlighting as an F1 pit crew. Outstanding!

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