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I ordered 2 years of sports illustrated on 6/25/08 from Amber Alfred (as did everyone on my street). None of us have received any magazines. I payed $102.00 via bank check. No magazines have been received.

Clearly a fraud!


  • As
    A Success May 30, 2012

    Dedicated too, , Thanks for giving me a opportunity when no one else would.Thanks For showing me a inter city kid that its not my fault where I come from, but it is up to me where I end up in life.Thanks For giving me a outlet outside the gangs, drugs, and the hopeless that surrounded me in my day to day life.Thank You for giving Me

    Opertunity to oopoppertun

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  • Do
    Dorothy O Dec 31, 2011

    I WORKED FOR DEDICATED TOO and I loved it. To every one that's talking down on us please STOP. We come to you in hopes for support.We ask for your help and this is how you do us. Not all door to door sales people are bad. Check this out I had gotten in some trouble when i was about 18 which hindered me from getting a job. But you know what Mr and Mrs Ellis gave me the second chance I was looking for and I went out there and I told MY LIFE STORY I was't looking for pitty or a hand out i was looking for help but in the process I had guns pulled on me dogs let aloose and the whole nine but that didn't stop me. For once in my life I had a place a Purpose. And I was enjoying it traveling seeing things and ppl I never would of saw if they woulden't of given me a second chance. I got an Autographed Jersey from Isaac Hawkins do you know how that made me feel. They are crooked ppl in every company but you have to find them befor you can handle the situation. I worked with Brodrick and Napoleon. Just think about it at the end of the day you have done the godly thing(helping) and to the person that lost their job and you need the money back that's why your not getting any blessing bc it wasn't from the heart Jerk

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  • Bw
    B.W. EDMOND Aug 23, 2010

    I must say here's the truth about magazine door to door sales individuals coming from someone who works in the heart of the company. I am an office manager in the business for one of the hundreds of magazine company crews in this country. I handle all hands on the checks, and orders that comes from customers brought in from agents at the end of there work day. I post orders, and check for any thing that is not permittable in processing an order, and I process all orders each day being any where from 100 sales or more a day. Being the order in a format of check or cash. Every order has to be processed carefully in order to get it cleared. That's the actual process that should be done by every magazine crew that is going door to door, but sadly to say it's not. As you will find there are people that get thier magazines with great reviews, and there are people that didn't receive their magazines with bad reviews. Either or it's all on that agent that made the sale to start the process to finalize the deal. There are honest agents, and there are dishonest agents, and that will bring me to the next segmant of this comment, and hope it shed some light on good door to door sales people, and the company they work for.
    Lets get a understanding in this portion of my comment in order to get a better understanding of what each of these companies are dealing with. You have majority of managers of these companies that comes from parts of life some of us will never see in our entire life. Areas of life like broken homes, gangs, drugs, poverty, single moms, etc. They did what they had to do in order to survive and make it to the next day. They got tired of that life style, and was told about this business that will give them a chance to help them get away from such areas to better themselves, make good money, see parts of the country a lot of us dream about, and most of all be excepted as a normal person working like the next man to have a better life.
    Some took advantage, and made it with a change, and some didn't that wasn't ready to let go of such life. Those who saw a future in the business took to heart to make it work, and reach out to help others. Helping them not only to make money, but to teach them how to act in public, you don't have to cheat, and steal to have, how to be professional at all times. The truth about how many they reach to make that change the results aren't good for most. Out of about 100 agents that are hired with felonies on there back ground check coming from certain environments. Honestly about in 2 years if all 100 stayed. Only about 2 to 4 of the hundred would have excepted the change, and took advantage, and learn to do the right thing in order to survive, than the wrong thing. Now look at the results over a 10 year spand to say out of say 30 companies in the country. Those who are living that has made the change are those who started companies hoping to see others follow in there foot steps. Most do not when they are use to getting what they want fast, and not really working for it. That's where to scamming comes into play for a lot of these companies. Lazy sales agents not wanting to work hard, and working to have a promising future for themselves. These agents behavior destorys such businesses. Like keeping cash orders, taking donations, lying to customers, selling the wrong way, etc. Managers aren't aware of these activities by such agents until it's to late at times due to the agents leaving the business because they don't want to work due to they just want hand outs, or they are terminated because they are not productive to the company meaning the company has to feed, cloth, and shealter them. Hoping the will decide to make a change and take advantage of the good the company has to offer because every company is generated on what their agent has to bring to the table from each customer. Each agent receives commissions from the each sale, and they are eligiable to win bonuses each day. We have agent's that does well, and we have agents that don't because it all how hard each agent decides to work.
    So that's have hint I have to share with you guys about door to door sales agents and the companies that are in operation. To customers you have to be smart, and God gave us all common sense to tell the difference in a lie, and the truth. Do your research, and don't make such large investments in any agent coming to your door. If you really like the individual and want to help them in a big way. Wait to see if your small order will clear, and then keep in contact with the agent, and invest in there future later because you will still be allowing them a increase in what they do. If you dealt with someone that scammed you and you invested small. you haven't lost much to lose your mind over. I suggest you do a gift order to a friend or family member, or a charitable orginazation first to see if it would clear. Stay on top of your order with a call to the Processing Center every 2 weeks until your order has arrived to you or the place you chose it to go. There are ones out there that's doing it right, and others that aren't. So don't let the ones that doing it right suffer. God bless, and if you want more info in any way I can be of any assistant to you. Just post it on the site, and I will be glad to try and answer it for you. I hope this was of some help.

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  • Na
    napoleon hall Apr 15, 2010

    well my name is napoleon hall i worked for dedicated too for several years ladies and gents its not a scam i personaly know this reason being goind door to door we have a daily quote to reach and it had been several time i was short of my quote by 1 sale so at time i purchesed a subscripition for myself or child til this day i still recieve my familf fun, disney princess and my mom even get the us weekly. As far as the agent that spoke on not gettin the commition promised, thats a LIE out of sevn years by me gettin 50% comm plus bonuses i was able to provied for my daughter and i for years so ladies and gentleman i ask of u dont let someone else opion become your judgement because in the end if u let it happoen someone else will be thinkin for u and i hope as a 24year old young man that is not the case

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  • Le
    Lesley Marshall Feb 10, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Maybe I could trade the Architectural digest magazine that was mentioned above for the SLAM magazine that I received.. ! :)
    My daughter waited patiently for her magazine that she had saved up to buy for (yes we waited the six months), and when the SLAM magazine came instead of what she wanted she just broke out into tears. How do I tell her that she was FRAUDED !!

    I completely agree that we can all break down and help our fellow man. I liked the young women who came to our door. She was polite, well mannered and all around seemed like someone who'd go far in this world. I gave her credit for selling to me, as I generally always say "no", and wished her well. However, when you purchase a product with the intent of receiving a product, and that product either doesn't arrive, or the wrong product arrives, this is FRAUD.
    The owner's of this company are frauding their employee's and their customers, and all around should be forced to terminate their business or provide the service that they're selling. Every phone number I call does not work, even the numbers on the internet for applying for a job don't even work. How can the government let them keep operating. It's insane.!

    If I knew I wasn't going to get the magazine, I'd like to have had the chance to decide for myself if I was going to "donate" my money to help this young woman at my doorstep, or decide if I should save my money to help another young woman that I new better that also needed help. It's not them who get to decide. It's me!! I work hard for my money, and it's my decision not theirs.!!!

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  • De
    Dedicated to the Lord! Nov 29, 2009

    I use to work for them and I left because they wouldn't pay me for the magazines I sold. Spent 2 mos. on the road, I met alot of intersting people door to door, Had alot of fun, but spent all my savings. Yes, stupid on my part but when you work hard all week, you are promised 50% commission, ( which is really just 25 %) and when pay time come they give you 25 dollars and a story, thats a problem. A person sticks around hoping that orders will catch up the next wee Manwhile you are just making Levan and Debra Ellis Rich! I spoke up for myself ad ended up fighting 3 of Levans Goons, ( they were ###) and I payed my own way home. If you meet a kid working for these magazine companies, and you want to invest in their future... purchase them a bus ticket home and 20 dollars to eat on, because theyy are wsting their time.

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  • Je
    jefferyr Oct 26, 2009

    hell yeah i work for them a they go door to door get poeple checks a givein them to a guy name mr.debra eillis and they never get there mag it, s a scam all the way i seen it for my own eyes please truse me

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  • Be
    Best Wishes Aug 29, 2009

    50+ dollar's missing...

    I ordered a year of USWeekly at a cost of 96.00

    What I recieved is a 24.00 subscription to Architectural Digest.

    I agree that the owners need to be more upright, stand behind these young people. Having a credible website is the first place to begin: "contact us" or "customer service" would be a good start.

    I wish all the best to the young men and women working hard door to door.

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  • Sk
    skytrakn Aug 25, 2009

    I just purchased 3 magazines from a young gentleman last night, and as I told him, I wasn't purchasing because I wanted the magazines, I was purchasing to invest in him. I probably talked to him for 45 min last night and probably would have talked longer if I didn't have a headache and I wanted him to make it to a couple more homes that night.

    Please be understanding, as someone said before, it's not about the magazines, it's about giving these young people a chance to break the cycle. The young man that was at my door was from a family of 10 children, had a single mother and lived on public housing all his childhood. He went into the Navy at 18 and thought that would be his career but had to be honorably discharged because of brochial asthma after 3 years of service. He wants to start a youth program in Charlotte, NC, where he's from, but he needs the knowledge to do this. His 9 sisters are all single moms living in the same public housing complex as his mom. I'm happy to know he's breaking the cycle. He is supporting his wife and 3 kids.

    I was truly impressed with his well spoken ways and I hope my $127 helps him in some way, because it's not going to break me. I believe in truly investing in young people that want to get out and do something for themselves.

    I'll let you know when this young man emails me. He said he would.

    Do something good for someone today, it will come back to you tenfold.


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  • Pr
    PROUD SALESWOMAN Aug 24, 2009

    Hello to all the blogers out there and I was once a door to door sales agent for Dedicated Too. I feel that the company is outstanding, it allows young people of all races a second chance in life. The company saves young adults lives on a daily basis. There are some people who have made some bad decisions in their past but thanks to organizations like Dedicated Too they are not judge. By going door to door speaking with people face to face it allows you to build your self confidence, communication skills, eye to eye contact, etc. things that we all need to survive in the "real world". For all the complaints you need to stop and think of why you INVESTED into the young man or woman at your door?????? Yes, it was an investment. Truth be told he or she didn't come to your door to get you to invest in the material or the tool. It was for you to invest into to their lives and their future. Many people get things very confused 9 times out of 10 it is not the salesperson fault for you not getting the material. All orders go through a clearinghouse where they deal with thousands of clients and just like the USPS things get lost. Anyhow i guess my point is don't get so caught up in what you are receiving, remember the reason you invested into that salesperson.

    Me personally I tell people my story I am a single mom and Dedicated Too encouraged me not to depend on the government system. It has showed me that i can work for a hand up and not a handout and it also allows me to learn other things in the process. One thing in particular is Enterprenuership. The organizations is designed for us to own a business of our own. And I don't just mean going from door to door. All i am saying is just look at the bigger picture. It goes far beyond a book or magazine. Something that doesn't walk, talk or breathe. Just be grateful that you were able to invest into a young adults future and give them hope. You all have showed us that their are people who are willing to help those who want to help themselves. Everyone who door we knock on is our role model because where many of us are from we don't have many of those. Our so called "role models" back at home are drinking, smoking, hanging out on the street corners asking could someone GIVE them a dollar or two to buy them a beer or drugs. To all of you it is deeper than you can possibly imagine.

    Miami, FL

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  • Na
    Nak Jul 30, 2009

    I know it may be annoying for you all to get door to door sales people, but the gentleman that came to me gave me the same pitch, but you know what? I believe him. My neighborhood is upscale, but I'm perfectly fine with him knocking on my door rather than picking the lock. We chatted a little so I can get a feel if he was truthful and knowledgeable, and I bought my daughter some books that I thought I might have been a little high, but if a small bit of cash keeps someone like this from robbing my house of stuff I'd have to replace, then fine. Going door to door has to be a tough job, especially with such tough critics as you all, but trust me, its better when a man can sleep at night and nobody gets hurt. And trust me, I'm not one of the sales people.

    Its the people who talk about needing money to go to college that I say no to. I had to pay for college too, and I devoted 5 years to the Marine Corps to do it.

    Libertyville IL

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  • Wh
    Whole lifer Jul 23, 2009

    I'm in the same boat. I will be part of the class action law suit as well. No Magazine for me either. Check cashed... no magazine.

    I want my money back plus a penalty charge! This sales guy was a joke. I felt bad and just wanted him gone.


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  • Jo
    John May 23, 2009

    While I realize that there are good apples and bad apples in every barrel, I think Dedicated Too needs to do a better jog of legitimizing itself. Certainly, Viv's comments about the garishly dressed folks on the website are spot on. I got angry looking over those pics knowing that me and so many others on my street are paying for that lifestyle... God only knows if I'll ever see my mag (atlantic monthly) before the end of my 4 months (I've got another 6 weeks to see if "One Angy Salesperson's comments are accurate).

    Fortunately, my neigbor is an aggressive litigations attorney specializing in class action lawsuits... Come July/August, if nothing arrives, I'll talk with him about filling a class action suit with my neighbors against this company.

    I'm all for supporting well-intentioned youths trying to pull themselves up by their bootstraps (and I've donated time for such causes), but if no mags are received, then they are no better than Bernie Madoff.

    If "One Angry Salesperson' was as sophisticated as he claims to be, then he would understand that in business, the salespeople are representatives of the company - the "tip of the spear" so to speak. In my company (Fortune 10), such aggressive behavior (as I'm reading in these blogs) would warrant immediate termination for cause.

    Ultimately, the concept of former gang members prowling the neighborhood seelling magazines lends itself to rejections equating to veiled threats. It's highly disconcerting...

    Like I said, no mags in July/August, then perhaps a class action lawsuit would be appropriate...

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  • Ma
    Marie May 20, 2009

    I have waited the 120 days and still no mags. What is the deal? I want my money back. I have lost my job and I need all the money I can get. How bout it, can you get me my money back, ONE ANGRY SALESPERSON?

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  • De
    Dedicated May 14, 2009

    I work for dedicated too inc and i think all of you are to judgemental. For one there are bad people in this organization just like Enron. There are those people like you are taken advantage of, then there are people who have been helping out this program for years. If you think about all of the people it has helped like myself being a former gang member who SHOULD be dead by know but i'm not thanks to dedicated too. So there are going to be people who do devious things in every business this isn't the first time in life someone has ripped you off and i'm sure it wont be the last. If you want to look at con-artist you should look at the New York Yankees, the Federal government, and things of that nature. If you people are so ###ing smart then read the damn top- right hand corner of the reciept then it will clearly tell you dummies that delivery takes up to 120 days A.K.A 4 months for those of you who can't read. If it doesn't feel right to you then by all means don't ### it up for those who love this company. We are not backed by the better business bureau because of the incident that happened in Wisconsin. That was a bad person who will never see the light of day again. You peolpe wish you had the guts to go door-to-door and in thuis economy Dedicated Too is hiring for all you punk ### corporate ###s who have been laid off then go to the website and we will be glad to get you to knocking on doors! There is NO RECESSION in the magazine business. ### all you haters. Stop being so closed minded you people are smart enough to know that it is not the company it is the salesperson. Eric you are so stupid to let the gift to portion of the reciept filled out to someone else. Not feeling so smart know ha! Sorry to all the people who love didicated too and have been sticking with us since 2002 and to all of my co-workers i apologize for my rude and rash behavior Just feed up with all these bloggers writing all their neagtives about the business what about the POSITIVES. Love to all!

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  • Vi
    viv Mar 26, 2009

    Here is another wealth of information about this "company", including their aliases. Hopefully this may help others...

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  • Vi
    viv Mar 26, 2009

    This "company" is a total scam. I had the exact same experience as Eric. Fortunately, I also thought to stop payment on the check, which cost me $25, but I would rather pay that to the bank than a con artist. If you log on to the website they give:, it's a vaguely worded, shoddily designed site with photos of garishly dressed "salespeople" posing outside seedy hotels and socializing. There's not even that much effort put into this scam.
    I've found other complaints online about them. Just google 'dedicated too'. You can check them out at the Better Business Bureau website too ( They are NOT a BBB Accredited Business. That should tell you something.

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  • Er
    Eric Feb 14, 2009

    I figured out what happened here. While I was writing the check, the girl who took the order wrote in a name and address in the "Gift For" field. If the magazines ARE actually getting ordered, they are probably going to someone else. I noticed this after she was gone. I put a stop payment on the check which cost me $20. Lesson learned. I'll be putting up a no-soliciting sign next.

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