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Any attorney, department, advocacy, office, or agency is requested to contact, assist, and/or advise.

For no justifiable reason, I was accused of being "caught on tape" late at night hanging in a Credit Union parking lot "acting suspiciously". All I did was make an ATM withdrawal and leave the area. The Credit Union's own employee called my relatives and warned them that the Credit Union was launching a campaign to "get me". The situation is Civil Rights Violations (Discrimination), Slander, Harassment, and many other unethical practices.

This situation began with unauthorized and unjustified removal of funds out of my account. My complaints were generally met with apathy. The rules of this institute continued to increase, but its customer service and customer products (such as, but not limited to, ATM withdrawals) never worked. I continued to complain, and the institute has now launched a retaliation campaign against me.

Today's Event 10-3-08 has physical witnesses and video surveillance. Depending on to what extent CREDIT UNION has taken its "watch Gary" campaign, there might be audio to support what I am reporting. I have already contacted the CREDIT UNION Neptune, NJ Branch Manager to inform them of this event. And no, it's not me "looking for trouble". It's an ongoing event with the very same teller whom CREDIT UNION chose to believe, when CREDIT UNION accused me of demanding money that wasn't mine.

This letter is being sent to the CREDIT UNION CREDIT UNION Committee, the NCUA Inspector General, and the New Jersey State Attorney General's office. I am also using it to send to any who have asked me to keep them aware of this ongoing situation.

I have to give some background information for the newer contactees. If I were to give all information, we'd be here for hours.

I have no choice but to handle this situation this way, because CREDIT UNION has engaged in a slur campaign against me. As I warned in 2004 this disrespectful attitude has descended into some CREDIT UNION employees. CREDIT UNION began a video and phone recording (surveillance) against me even playing this information (disregarding confidentiality concerns) to their employees. One CREDIT UNION employee called my family's house to warn them that CREDIT UNION was out to get me that CREDIT UNION was saying that I am crazy, and the CREDIT UNION feels that I am trying to do something either illegal or harmful to CREDIT UNION. I know that this CREDIT UNION employee was not lying because they knew the actual things I said on the Neptune, NJ's Branch Manager's (Branch managers) phone.

The employee even knew that I made one late night ATM withdrawal. CREDIT UNION said that I was acting suspicious and "hanging" out in the CREDIT UNION parking lot when I made this transaction. CREDIT UNION has the video footage. What did I do that was so "suspicious" or "anti CREDIT UNION"? This clearly supported that CREDIT UNION has problems with me, and it also is a very racist statement.

From the beginning of CREDIT UNION's callousness. I have tried to contact them and resolve these matters. I have never been rude to any one or many any type of illegal statements against CREDIT UNION. If my communications became more passionate or intense it is because CREDIT UNION and many of its employees have shown a very callous and apathetical response to any of my legitimate concerns. CREDIT UNION representatives have implied that I should move to another bank (no, my Parents selected this Credit Union for me about 40 years ago), or die (because of my health problems. My family suffers from diabetes, hypertension, and a host of other medical conditions). Again, the issue is not me. The issues are: 1) CREDIT UNION establishing rules the the average, struggling person can't financially submit to, 2) CREDIT UNION failing to do it's job as a Credit Union when it comes to deposits and withdrawals, and 3) Some CREDIT UNION employees who can’t separate their non working attitudes from the professionalism needed for the work place. This attitude has caused one female teller to "walk" an attitude problem, which finally has been caught with physical evidence and witnesses.

I'm not complaining about human mistakes. We all make them. I have always apologized if I made a mistake. I honestly don't remember CREDIT UNION ever accepting responsibilities for their errors. Instead, CREDIT UNION launched the "get Gary" campaign with audio and video surveillances. And I'm assuming my drive thru wait time is longer because they are inside photo copying everything. This is very sad. In fact, it's gotten to the point that it's almost hilarious. I'm a 40 somewhat year member of CREDIT UNION. I'm hosted access TV shows for over a decade. I've worked with all major authorities actually "shutting down" unethical business.

And the worst part is, I actually go out my way to avoid situations such as this. To avoid problems with CREDIT UNION I’ve: 1) Called CREDIT UNION trying to find someone who would assist me. Before my repeated complaints, CREDIT UNION did not have a “CREDIT UNION Committee”. I would call (or email) and speak to CREDIT UNION employees who heard my complaints and did nothing about them. (only CU employee who actually cared) was the only CREDIT UNION employee that actually resolved CREDIT UNION’s errors, 2) I’ve spoken with the Neptune, NJ Branch Manager (Branch managers), and the CREDIT UNION CREDIT UNION Committee, 3) There were often problems with a teller inside the CREDIT UNION Neptune Branch office, so I began using the Drive-Thru hoping to avoid any problems (unfortunately my attempts to “make peace” were used against me, and CREDIT UNION continue to A) callously make errors and B) act unprofessionally (or disrespectful). It's CREDIT UNION's own "god with attitude" complex that continues to land complaints. Many of my complaints actually extend past 20 years. As a world wide Author, I've known for the most part on the positive side of things. So of course I take issue with CREDIT UNION questioning my ethics or intentions. I still ask, CREDIT UNION what have I ever done that would even imply I want anything from you other than you and your employees do your job. Millions of Americans do that very same thing every day.

This is the event that transpired today 10-3-08 Friday. Again, I have physical evidence and witnesses:

1) The exact same teller who told me my calculations were wrong months ago (when CREDIT UNION implied that it was my own doing, when it actually was the teller who ill advised me), told me that my today's calculations were wrong. In trying to avoid any further problems with CREDIT UNION, my family and I "did the math (calculations)". I wrote a note, and I even said "thanks" on the note. You are free to see the note. I didn't write anything mean or demanding.

I wrote: "2- 50's and 10-20's Thanks". I wanted 300 dollars back. In the past, this teller gave me big bills. Most of the stores I shop at don't like 50's or larger bills. In trying to work with CREDIT UNION (which is where I always get myself into "trouble". When I returned the Branch Manger's phone calls, CREDIT UNION took my recorded messages and tried to use them against me. CREDIT UNION should know that I am a very open, personable, and spiritual person. I talk the same way on my cable show), I actually asked for only 2 50's. This teller has always shown an attitude problem (I guess she's mad because of the earlier event concerning her), she rushes my money through the system. When the Branch Manager is not there, this teller just sends my money and identification through the electronic air shoot in a container with out an envelope). My family has also experienced this. We’ve always felt that 1) things could get lost that way and 2) It's "tacky" (unprofessional).

My concern was that this teller would just give me all large bills to speed up whatever "watch Gary's transactions" they are doing inside the bank (I stopped going inside the Credit Union around 2004/2005 after another teller repeatedly was disrespectful). So I wrote a polite note and I even said Thanks. So I did nothing to aggravate this female. Yet, she always has to have a "little attitude". I'm an old man. I know from experience that attitudes or arrogance will eventually lead to unnecessary actions or mistakes.

So the teller told me my calculations were wrong. I tried to tell her what I wanted. You should have all of this on CREDIT UNION surveillance tape. They watch me hoping to catch something. Hopefully they will use the tapes to solve their ongoing errors.

2) Even though I told the teller what I wanted, not only did she give me her own dispensing, but she put all the money in the envelope with no order or arrangement (as I said rushing me out of the drive thru because she apparently has issues with me). For anyone arrogantly saying, "big deal, you got the money. Why are you complaining?" Ok, let's see you go to the shopping store and have the bagger just throw everything in the bags with no order or arrangement? My family are all CREDIT UNION members. They are very upset with CREDIT UNION's childish actions. My family said that that teller did that deliberately to "annoy" me. But I blame CREDIT UNION more than that teller. CREDIT UNION allows this "Gary's a nut case. Get Gary. Watch Gary" atmosphere to exist.

It was only about 9:05 AM so the teller can't say she was rushing to other customers. And it's not my fault that CREDIT UNION violated my civil rights and discriminated against me by launching this "Get Gary" campaign. I was sitting in the Drive-thru wandering how could I pull all the money out putting the 50's together, the 20's together, and the 10's to count the money. But I didn't want to hold up the Drive-Thru line. I'm not this angry black guy that the likes of CREDIT UNION attempt to paint us out to be. I'm a hard working African American male. I'm not looking for trouble. Call my employer. They all love me there. Various races and ethnic groups. They're all good hardworking people.

I pulled my car up from the Drive Thru. I counted everything and arranged it. I got home and called Branch managers. She is the Branch Manager for CREDIT UNION Neptune, NJ Branch. I got Branch manager answering machine and left a message.

CREDIT UNION can't "slither" it's way out of this one. Just like I told you before, that teller ill advised me which is why I thought CREDIT UNION owed me money. That teller not only ill advised me today, she arrogantly "threw" the money into the envelope which I've never witnessed any teller do in my 40 somewhat years of living.

I'll continue to seek the means to get CREDIT UNION to do its job. It would be wise to stop the "get Gary" campaign. As an African American male, I have seen "hate" and "false accusations" all my life. My trust will always be in God Almighty despite whatever happens in this life.

Here's fuller information on earlier complaints against CREDIT UNION:

To the New Jersey State Inspector General’s Office: My File Number with your office is

Today 9-12-08 an event with Credit Union happened. Based on my past dealings with CREDIT UNION, I have to document everything. To shift it's blame, CREDIT UNION has accused me of: 1) being crazy, 2) acting suspiciously outside of the Neptune, NJ CREDIT UNION branch late at night (their own employee warned my family that CREDIT UNION was out to get me), 3) recorded my phone messages to the Neptune Branch Manager (and she called me first. I was merely returning her phone calls), 4) video graphing me in the Drive Thru (I stopped going in the CREDIT UNION building after repeated disrespect from one of the tellers. I felt like It would be her word against mine, and CREDIT UNION has never admitted error in all of its "wrongs"), and 5) being rude to CREDIT UNION staff. All these allegations are false which is why I've never been contacted by any authorities as part of an investigation.

The actual situation is this: 1) When I was a young boy, CREDIT UNION repeatedly removed money out of my account with out getting my permission, and for no justifiable reason. This "theft" went on until I was in my 20's (late 1980's). 2) Back then CREDIT UNION had no customer service number or complaint contact info. I would have to call any extension until I got someone who would help me. Most CREDIT UNION employees wouldn't do anything to help me. Finally, I dialed an extension and got (only CU employee who actually cared) who helped me. Whenever CREDIT UNION unjustly took money out of my account, I'd call Carol and she'd return it, 3) CREDIT UNION sent me other people's debit cards on about two different occasions. I called the branch, immediately got in my car and took the cards back

4) CREDIT UNION limited the amount of money I could take out of my debit card with out ever telling me. When I wrote a written complaint against CREDIT UNION, CREDIT UNION claimed that it posted this “ATM withdrawal amount limitation and hold deposits for up to 2 business days” information inside its Neptune, NJ Branch. Once again CREDIT UNION was lying to “cover its ‘rear’”. In those days, I was still entering the Neptune, NJ Branch, and there was never any post about these CREDIT UNION “rules”. It wasn’t until I complained that CREDIT UNION placed a very hard to read, and very ill printed “announcement” in a glass holder on a bank teller’s desk. I attempted to read this information but it was very tacky (unprofessional). I asked the teller for a copy of this information, and she told me that that copy was the only copy available and I couldn’t have it. With 3 different auto repairs my ATM withdrawal money would not come out (even though it was in my CREDIT UNION account). I was embarrassed, and the auto mechanics could not be paid at that time. CREDIT UNION never corrected that situation. 5) In February 2004, my elderly mother's diabetes worsened. It was essential that my car be operational. I emailed Diana Johnson at CREDIT UNION and told her about the last 3 CREDIT UNION failures to release my money for an auto repair. True to the history of most CREDIT UNION employees, CREDIT UNION did nothing. I warned her that I would hold her responsible if she did not process my concerns. Once again, CREDIT UNION refused to release my money to pay for the auto repair with my ATM card.

6) CREDIT UNION's original website did not function correctly until I kept contacting their internet staff. 7) CREDIT UNION's teller phone did not function correctly until I kept contacting CREDIT UNION to get the teller phone working correct. I honestly felt like this "credit union" was a sham. And yes, I did leave and take my money to Midlantic Bank. But the bank closed down. So I returned to CREDIT UNION in about 1996? 7) The former Long Branch Branch had computer problems, and late openings. One time the teller asked me to leave with out a receipt because she had opened late and was not "set up". I had no confidence in this "credit union" and I refused to leave with out a receipt.

8) True to its nature, CREDIT UNION came up with a new policy (around 2004) that they would not cash a person's employee check for at least 2 business days. In other words, if a person had a 200-dollar pay check on Friday. CREDIT UNION would release 50 dollars on Monday and the other 150 on Tuesday. A sick, poor, or elderly person would have to go the entire weekend with out finances. It was my continual complaints that led to CREDIT UNION creating the "CREDIT UNION Committee", 9) CREDIT UNION has a habit of "deception". CREDIT UNION says it responds to me when it doesn't. They claim they've sent me emails that I've never received. CREDIT UNION attempts "very hard" to "cover it's rear". 9) The National Credit Union Administration has done nothing in these regards, 10) Some of CREDIT UNION's employees have been rude, sarcastic, slanderous, and disrespectful. Even one of their own employees called my Mother's house to warn my family that CREDIT UNION was "out to get me".

So those are the real reasons why I have problems with CREDIT UNION. Today, 9-12-08 an CREDIT UNION told me that the Branch Manager (Neptune, NJ) does not want me giving them "don't place holds on my employee check" notes. She told me that this information is already in their computer. 11) CREDIT UNION told me that same comment in the past and they still placed holds on my employee paychecks. 12) CREDIT UNION blames me for everything. Once their teller gave me wrong information that I followed, and CREDIT UNION acted as if I was trying to do something unethical.

Based on the history with CREDIT UNION, and their drive thru tellers (because I don't think it's safe for me to enter an CREDIT UNION branch. This "credit union" has already accused me of acting suspicious outside of its branch), I know that the teller will place my employee paycheck on hold again. If this happens, I will have to "hold the drive thru line" up to correct the matter. This can lead to frustrated drivers waiting and possible verbal and physical disputes. I was giving the "don't place my employee check on hold" note to the CREDIT UNION teller to avoid this from happening. Based on CREDIT UNION's very unprofessional and failure to take responsibility for its unprofessional behavior, I have to contact your office and asked that you help me or send me to any person or office that will help me. NCUA has done nothing to solve any of these problems.

Here is the letter I sent to CREDIT UNION's CREDIT UNION committee, the NCUA, and Representative who asked me to keep him informed. I sent this letter today 9-12-08 after the CREDIT UNION teller told me that (Branch Manager, Neptune) asked me to stop giving notes to tellers.

Please help me. It's obvious that CREDIT UNION has major problems and that NCUA is unwilling to do anything about it. I want you to know that I've worked with the BBB, Consumer Affairs, Asbury Park Troubleshooter and other help groups. I'm a Bible writer and God follower. I'm not looking for trouble. But if CREDIT UNION is allowed to continue to "run" this way, it's certain that I'll be blamed for something that's really not my fault.


Today I was told by a teller at the Credit Union that I don't have to give a note about my "no hold (employee check)" situation. I was told that the branch manager had noted this "no employee check hold" status in my computerized account.

Unfortunately, I was told that in the past and the "hold on employee checks" problem reoccurred.
If my check is placed on hold, I will have to hold up the drive thru line reminding the teller of the situation. This could lead to other drivers become irate. And I don't want to be blamed for this, as CREDIT UNION has already accused me of "suspicious behavior", "craziness", and "being rude to tellers". None of those accusations are true. As I explained to you before, a teller from 2005 was very rude and kept asking me about "who is this CREDIT UNION committee".

I've already been accused by the CREDIT UNION Neptune Branch of "hanging out in the parking lot, late at night, acting suspiciously" when all I did was pull up; make an ATM withdrawal, and leave.
My point is, I don't want to be blamed for CREDIT UNION's failure to not hold my employee checks. Nor do I want to be blamed for causing a "situation" in the Drive Through (such as horns tooting and customers mad because of the 'hold up'". This is why I merely gave a note ahead of time to remind the teller.

Even when I follow the recommendations of CREDIT UNION representatives, I'm still painted as the "bad guy".
So the purpose of this letter is to be presented in my behalf, if this new suggestion of not presenting a note, backfires.
And for the record, I am a Man of God, and it behooves me to act "godly" despite the drama that CREDIT UNION puts me through. I will leave a brief message (concerning this email) for the Neptune Branch Manager, as it is the respectful thing to do.

In closing, I remember a former supervisor of a different establishment. She made many unrealistic rules, and suffered from an ego or "god" complex. She recommended all members of her New Jersey production staff to appear at the office location and wait in line to be heard by her. I told her that people would become impatient in the line and fights would break out. Like CREDIT UNION, this woman totally ignored me until the fights broke out with in the lines. She was eventually fired, and that company no longer endorses the "wait in line" policy.
CREDIT UNION has a terrible history of not listening, causing major problems, and then "covering up" what actually happened. I look forward to the time when God makes changes.

Complainant Contact Information:
Gary Monmouth County

Any attorney, department, advocacy, office, or agency is requested to contact, assist, and/or advise.


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