deccan chroniclebrothel ads in the name of friend ship club and spas

as far my complaint is considered this is in reference to the ads which are given in the deccan chronicle classifieds which are advertised in the name of frined ship clubs and spa treatments but are actually brothels and other sex services.coming to the proof one day when i was having a look on the classifieds i found a friend ship is assuring you for a income of rupees 5000/- to 20, 000/- after you join their club so i have called them to ask about it so they asked me to deposit 3500/- rupees in a bank account after depositing the money they will call you regarding information about the customer waiting for your service at taj banjara hyd .here are the phone numbers published in the copy on ninth of February of 2010 ...[protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected](priya international)[protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected]/1/2/3/4/5, [protected], [protected], [protected] and so on the lists is more than tha number of letters i used in my complaint. please take necessary action aginst them i will co operate you by giving every number which i dial any day i do

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