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P Oct 28, 2018
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In the details below, when the "Company" name Decades is used, the Company operated under three different company names: "EliteIdea" from November 1, 2016 through April 19, 2017; "Executive Agents" from March 27, 2017 through July 21, 2017 and "Decades" from June 1, 2017 to present. The company name was changed each time the complaints posted online by clients and prospects about the company and its sales staff were significantly impeding sales.

The company's CEO, executives, sales staff, bookers, administrative personnel, mentors and marketing staff remained the same for all three companies, however, the employees changed their names to fictitious names. New company websites were created for each of the company name changes. All of the employees email addresses were changed to correspond with the new company's name. For example, from [protected] to [protected] to most recent email address with the company, [protected] The companies' phone numbers, also, changed.

The fictitious names used by Howard Nestler, the CEO of all three of these companies, from November 1, 2016 to present, were Dan Allen and Ron Norman. The CEO never uses his legal name with the clients. His name changed with the change of the company's name. The sales staff, also, changed their names. Jill Reese (fictitious name), the top salesperson for Acquire, changed her name to Diane Cullen when the company name changed to Decades. Mark Maclin (fictitious name), the 2nd highest producing salesperson for Acquire, changed his name to Martin Myers.

It is the volume of published online complaints about Howard Nestler's business practices early in his career which resulted in Mr. Nestler using fictitious names for himself with his companies, clients and in the industry. Refer online to

https:///link removed/

Client complaints are simply ignored by the CEO and staff resulting in an inordinate number of clients cancelling their programs, requesting refunds or disputing Decades' charges to their credit card.

Company's Fraudulent Practices:

1. The Companies' sales staff told each client during the sales process that Decades would be making personal introduction of them to our exclusive hiring partners when, in actuality, Decades marketing campaign consists only of high volume Email Blasts. This is, also, detailed in every Client's Service Agreement with Decades which they are asked to sign. No personal contact is made by Decades on behalf of our clients with prospective employers.

2. Clients are promised they will be given Client References to speak with during the sales process even though Decades has no Client references. There is never any follow-up done with clients after they have paid their full fee. The only contact is if and when a client complains. Client references given to prospective clients are, actually, employees of Decades using fictitious names.

3. There is no guarantee that Decades will find the client a position but each client is led to believe by the salesperson that it is very likely they will find a job through the Decades program. The Decades sales staff sets unrealistic expectations with clients about the success of the program. The result is an extremely high volume of clients canceling their programs and requesting refunds once the marketing campaign does not produce results.

4. Clients refuse to sign the Decades Service Agreement because the terms of the agreement do not reflect or, in some cases, contradict what they have been told by the Decades salesperson so Decades simply stopped requiring them to sign the Service Agreement.

5. Clients' credit cards were charged without the clients' proper authorization. Multiple clients canceled their program because of this, stating "Decades is not a reputable company and cannot be trusted".

6. The Company's name, employees' names, employees' email addresses, the website URL and phone numbers are changed to disassociate the company from client complaints posted online. These frequently appear on the Better Business Bureau website,, Yelp, scam report and others.

7. Clients complain that they have attempted to visit the company's office provided on the company website but the company has no actual office in the office building at 757 Third Avenue, NY. NY. It is a virtual office but appears on the website as a physical address.

8. The employee named and quoted on the Decades LinkedIn page, Robert Johnston, is not a real person. The name, person and feedback are fabricated

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