De la cruz proffesional ServicesOver Charge

In May 2008, I hired Wilfredo Delacruz Professional Services to troubleshoot the house central air unit. Mr. Delacruz stated that I needed a new unit. I agreed to replacement. DelaCruz stated he would install an AC unit and rework the air handling unit for a total fee $1700. He removed my old unit and installed a used unit stating it was cheaper than buying a brand new unit and this used one was more like a Nuused unit. Mr. Delacruz stated then old unit was trash, beyond repair. I paid an $800 deposit at the beginning of the job with the agreement of paying the remaining balance in two installment payments. As agreed I went to Mr. DelaCruzs home to pay my first installment ($500) afterwards I went to visit my friend, the person who recommended Mr. Delacruz for the job, while at my friends home I notice that she too had changed her AC unit. The unit was very familiar to me. I noticed that the unit at my friends house was my old unit, the one that was beyond repair. I recognized the unit because my old unit had very distinctive paint marks that my children made playing with paint. I after this I decided to look him up on line and to my surprise he is a non licensed Apprentice and doesnt have insurance. I suggest that everyone is careful because even thou he was recommended by a friend this didnt mean he was a friend and I went in to an agreement assuming that by trusting a friend I could automatically trust an unknown individual.

silver spring, Maryland

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