DCFS Fs and NsErwin McEwin et al


Stupid Erwin Mc N stole ALL MY STUFF AND CLOTHES and Cats Whiskers, Blackie and Brownie for Racist reasons. Now Jessie Jackson should be in Jail as far as I can see, Now he seems to think I should wear the ex-clothes of Rahm Emanuel's wife; I guess being a TEACHER at the British Scool of Chicago just wasn't good enough for N B-O and all N's who have been stelling my money because the Arch-Diocese of Chicago and Catholic Charities should BELOMG TO ME-----SO THINK OF THAT BEFORE YOU EAT AT THE NEXT SOUP KITCHEN-----it is my goal that NO BABIES should ever be born BORN IN THE CITY limits OF Chicago. If you want to give birth move OUT. And Chicago Public Schools should just CLOSE; its a privledge/ not a right. Now I want to visit my cats next week, so find them and bring them over to one of the soup kitchens; and Officer Loyce Spells of the Evanston Police Department could have prevented this spam if he was nicer to me last week.


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    monica davidson Aug 16, 2012

    I am in this mental place where I have to sneak these comments in; I also used to work at Science and Arts Academy in DesPlaines, and was a legal secretary typing letters to the US Patent and Trademark Office.

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