DCBS in Warren County KY (Shawna Lentz Walker and Dolores Zimske)removed my children bc of false allegations a d committed perjury

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I have never been treated so badly as u have the last yr of my life they removed my children on july 26, 2018 and lied stating it was my drug use bc of numerous phone calls made by my ex abuser in had full custody of all three kids and a dvo. The same judge had granted this to me three days before he allowed them to be removed, because he didnt realize who it was. It w the s just another file and case to them. I have two drug test from greenview hospital the same day and two days before where I was clean for all drugs. I havent hasd a lawyer this whole time and they have really abused the judicial system, the judge ordered me to be over all medical and to be present they have neglected that and they have let my children go out of state on two occasions without my prior knowledge or permission. Several doctors appts without my knowledge and they cut my visits out completely in december for no true reason when iij ask to go in front of the judge and after eleven months they served me with the tpr paperwork and it's all lies I have proof please help me and my children these ppl need to be stopped I need help. Please my name is lottie jones my phone number is [protected] or [protected]. I have the police report and even the officer told the truth abt my children so I have proof and lots of witnesses

Sep 16, 2019
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  •   Sep 16, 2019

    I’m confused about your situation. You had clean drug tests yet lost custody of your children.

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