DBW EBOOK WORKFROMHOMERefund of unauthorized charges


I ordered a CD to find Government Grants. The advertizement indicated that the CD was free and the only thing i had to pay for was the $1.98 S/H charge.

I now have an additional 2 charges of $3.77, and $69.95. I called and spoke with a Ms Rovie (who could barely speak english and she advised that since I have already received the CD they could not refund my money but would stop my "Membership" and no futher charges will be made to my account.

The charges are under the heading of DBW Ebook workfromhome and DBW the grant express. Both these charges have the samer phone # [protected].

Since these charges were unauthorized I hope that you can have my credit card credited for the additional $3.77 & $69.95 and make sure that my membership has been canceled and no future charges will be made, I lost my job on friday and the unauthorized charges will be a help.
Thank you

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