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Dazzle White and Smile Britecons, fraud, misleading

We Have all seen the E-Adds and pop ups No more bleaching Dont waste your money see one mom's trick to brighter whiter teeth... I'm a big tea drinker, no smoking no coffee no cokes but i thought i could use some brightening so i sign on for the offer.
BIG MISTAKE !!! I have always considered myself a woman of good common sense! I have always steered clear of E advertising, but here I was jumping into this mess.

The order was supposed to cost me a total of $5 for each ... shipping and all ...

Before it was said and done they took mine and my husbands account for over $500 in 2 months ...
and shared our info with other companies who sent us products that websites and phone numbers were no good for that we could not cancel these companies have taken us for an additional $300 in 2 weeks...

Thieves !!!
One company we were able to contact stated that they were an additional offer that came with the smile brite that we had to cancel within 12 days of the smile brite offer or we would be charged $21 a month for a subscription weather any product was sent or not ...

this company was EXACT DETOX... who also had another offer attatched to its membership for another supplement and that was an addittional $21 a month same story there ...
when i called the number for this company they denied ever haven taken any money from our account

My bank statement tells a different story ...

In all just by signing up for Dazzle White and Smile Brite our account has suffered a deficit of over $800 in 1 month


  • Ho
    HotandMiffed Oct 19, 2009

    * do not, do not, do not, do not, do not, buy that dreaded smilebrite/ simple brite product!! *
    The company is a fraudulent operation. they tell you that it's only going to be $1 for a trial, then you end up getting billed for much more! don't be fooled. I called to cancel order, realizing my mistake after only a few minutes. they sent an email stating that, not only will I not get a refund, but that I have to send the trial product back when I get it or they'll charge my card more money. my husband is furious & so am i! I normally don't even go for these online products, and now I know why i've always been so skeptical, along with others! p l e a s e a v o I d these online s c a m m e r s! if customer service is this bad and you haven't even gotten the product, that should tell you a lot... customer service is horrid!

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  • Ms
    Ms Had Enough Oct 20, 2009

    If you havent purchased this product then please, DONT!!! If you have and, like myself, want to see justice royally kick them up the ### then keep reading.

    Scam 1: "free trial" for a teeth whitening product. They automatically take out a "holding fee" of $87.62 in case you dont return the product within 14 days. Heres the catch, you don't recieve the item before 10 days therefore not allowing you any time to return it within the 14 day "free" timeframe. if you do attempt to return it be aware of the hefty shipping costs YOU will have to pay.

    Scam 2: You wont read the terms and conditions due to their unethical location; they are placed off screen as you have to scroll down to order, therefore you will miss the actual 6pt highly ambiguous "terms and conditions"

    Scam 3: Not only do they sign you up for the "World Fitness" shamble, of which you will never recieve and has actually been patented by a company in the UK whom have no affiliaton with this scam. But they will also sign you up for UNMENTIONED, UNAUTHORISED third party transactions. "Beuty Club" sound familiar anyone?? and yes, thats how it was inccorectly spelt.

    Scam 4; The online support is a sham. Most responses are automated and the rest are diversion tactics. They will not supply you with an actual address for the purposes of issuing legal proceedings. They will give you phony numbers and the royal run around.

    Yes i was bloody taken by this scam and I'm furious. It goes without saying that you should never cross an angry law student! I'm all for legal action against this scam! This is international fraud. I'm aware that this has effected many countries so i would be interested in co-ordinating a world wide concurrent class action suit. We would need representatives in each country that could compile all information and complaint testimonials relevant to their respective country. The power of this information combined is enormous! On its own, individual complaints will get lost among st the rest of individual complaints. Once we have a global indication of the extent of this scam we can forward all our collective information to each and every trade organisation. Next, we can obtain media attention. Anyone from Australia will be aware of A Current Affairs, a program which seeks out and exposes these scams on television. I can work on Australian media however, representatives of the USA, New Zealand, UK and any other nation would have to employ their own media coverage (although i will try and help).
    I wont lie this will be time consuming for anyone who dares take on these ### If you have enough rage over such an abhorrent scheme, a scheme which i have read has ripped off money from a breast cancer charity, then please send me an email.
    Please bare with me if i take a while to reply as i am researching the most effective means of countering these ### and not just shutting them down for good, but to make them an example of how the public has had enough! and yes, one person can make a difference.
    You will rue the day you met me dazzle white/Brite- smile ...

    email me; [email protected]

    Please help by providing any information you can come accross which may help this investigation. And please leave your story below, this way we can save others from making such a huge mistake.

    Ps; IGNORE the regurgitated response from apparent "representatives" of this company. The same drivel has been posted next to any internet complaint.

    Pps; i will be posting this same message on every and all sites where i find complaints, please feel free to copy my post and do the same. Spread the word, enough is enough!

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  • Ma
    mahyar Oct 23, 2009

    I agree with you.
    Below I've added a text in persian for Iranian to ba aware of these FRAUDULENT companies.
    مواظب باشيد تمام سفيد كننده هاي دندان فقط براي كلاه برداري و تقلب آگهي مي كنند. و بدون اطلاع شما كرديت كارت شما را شارژ ميكنند. با مبالع زياد
    اصلا از اين كلاه بردارها چيزي نگيريد
    ***** Do Not, Do Not, Do Not, buy that dreaded Smilebrite/ SIMPLE BRITE product!! *********
    ***** Do Not, Do Not, Do Not, buy that dreaded dazzleSmile/ DAZZLE SMILE product!! *********

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  • Mi
    Miss Smith Oct 27, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have also been scammed by these two companies of about $400.00 in the last 4 months. I am fighting back by filing a police report and with the help of my bank.

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  • Tr
    Tragdienne1982 Nov 03, 2009

    I've been scammed by them as well. It's interesting that after the complaints I have read about this company, the EXACT same "we honestly didn't mean to inconvienence you in any way" reply afterwards! Just another display of a scam.

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  • Ji
    JimsSis Nov 04, 2009

    I fell into this scam too. I immediately called Premium White to cancel my "membership", but was told that products were automatically mailed and they could not stop shipment. I called within minutes and found that my Visa had already been charged. I got an email detailing how to return the products, paying for insurance, shipping and a restocking fee for not only the "free sample", but a tray kit that was $49. Monthly shipments were $87.62. I ended up cancelling my Visa and getting a new card. I intend to send any shipments back, unopened, marked "return to sender". I also filled out an FTC complaint, which probably will not do anything except make me feel better. I always thought I was smarter than this -- guess not.

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  • He
    helplog Nov 06, 2009

    For SmileBrite... You can return product for a refund. You need to call customer service for details. If you do want to return for a refund, do not wait until it is too late to return. Call customer service at [protected].

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  • Fl
    FL_man Nov 08, 2009

    I don't understand why this company is still existing. Should US shut the fraudulent company down?

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  • Da
    dawn2412 Nov 14, 2009

    Cancel your card and get new one with a new number. Its the only way to stop these fraudsters from taking money from your account!!! Their comments above are as empty as their products!!!

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  • Sf
    SFinSF Nov 17, 2009

    I fell for the scam too. I even cancelled my membership after 1 month and I continue to get charges on my credit card. I cancelled the Dazzle White and the other whitener too. I called Dazzle white and they said I was also automatically enrolled in some sort of weight loss or gym program and that is why there were more charges on my card. What a scam!!!
    My husband is a criminal defense lawyer and he said the only thing we can do to guarantee no more bills is to cancel our credit card. So I did that last night. I recommend you do that immediately to avoid the monthly charges that keep appearing on your credit card.

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  • Ca
    CarlyMarie Nov 17, 2009

    What a huge scam this is!!! I normally wouldn't have fallen for this either. but it said free trial "offer" not free trial "period." so you think you are going to get to try it for the shipping costs only. but, if you read the fine print... which isn't very easy to find, you find out that you are signing up for an automatic monthly membership and the "free" trial period is only 10 or 14 days. by the time you even receive the product, you barely have enough time to even use it before you have to cancel. I called to cancel as soon as I saw the charges on my account and was told that no more charges would hit my account without my authorization. but, the next month, sure enough, the "reduced subscription," that I apparently agreed to on the phone but don't recall doing so, of $60 + dollars was taken out of my account. then I call back and demanded a refund but they refused to do so. the customer service representatives are hard to understand and talk in circles so you have no idea what you are really getting into. and that is if you can even get a hold of anyone. the phone numbers are all different, they show up as different companies on your bank statements so you have no clue who is even charging your account, what it is for, where they are located. even when you say, you want to cancel your account you have no idea if they are actually cancelling it for you. then as a "bonus" (isn't that just great!) they also sign you up for other subscriptions such as world fitness, etc. they started charging my account for $24.82 and I never received anything!!! then when I tried to cancel and get a refund I was told that I agreed to it in the terms and agreement of the smilebrite or dazzle smile (who knows which one) and it is non-refundable!!! all I can say is this is a huge scam and you will be out a few hundred dollars by the time it is all said and done. and does anyone even think that the products even work? I didn't see any improvement in the whiteness of my teeth whatsoever. oh, and if you request to send the product back for a refund, they give you 2 days to get it post-marked even though they took almost longer than the free trial period just to get the product to you. total scam! I can't believe I fell for it.

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  • Ap
    a poor victim Nov 25, 2009

    Don't get mad, get even!!!

    Here are some tips:

    (1) call your credit card company to cancel existing credit card number, they will send you a new card with different number.

    (2) file a police report

    (3) file complaints with federal and state authority

    (4) send emails to your state senators and representatives

    (5) get media involved. go to and describe the scam, when there are enough cases, they will send out a TV scew to investigate, and expose the scammers on TV.

    (6) find out which state those companies are located, call the governor, senators', representatives' office of that state, and get local media involved too!

    If we all do our parts, those scammers will soon call prison home!!!

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  • Re
    REDmuppet Dec 08, 2009

    I have been scammed as well...i am so angry, i cannot even sit here long enough to type my story. But needless to say, it is EXACTLY the same as above.
    I can't believe I allowed this to happen to me


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  • Ve
    veryAnnoyed07 Jan 05, 2010

    Note these scammers have changed the names to Everbright and Clean Whites

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  • No
    Not Happy in Georgia Oct 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes, I too got sucked into this. I really thought I could cancel in the 10 days and be ok. Well with Vibrant Smile, I actually received written notice via email that I had ordered this product and would get it in the mail. An email notice gives you a document that you can actually use if need be should the transaction go sour. Well, with Brite White Smile, I never received an email confirmation for the order. I was charged $4.95 by Vibrant Smile and $3.87 by Brite White Smile. Then I was charge 1.49 by Brite White and then some other .12 charge and .04 charge from a source I'm not familiar with. I read the fine print and again thought I would be fine by cancelling within the trial offer window.

    I called about the 1.49 charge because no where did it state that I would be charged this. The Brite White woman was very nice and said the charge would be removed. Well it wasn't. Then I received my products from both companies (which are the same companies, I'm sure) on the 6th day of the trial period. Vibrant Smile and an order receipt in the envelope--like it should and Brite White Smile's envelope didn't. So I prepared to call them the next day to cancel and all would be well in the world. Before I could call the next day, I checked my bank account and $87.13 had already been applied to my account from Brite White--it was pending!!! WTF!!! It hadn't been 10 days yet and I dare they do this. I hadn't even opened or tried the products and they were trying to charge me.

    I called first thing this morning. I called Vibrant Smile first and they cancelled it and gave me a confirmation number and that was it. I then called Brite White and got the complete run around. The first guy I talked to hung up on me. The second guy was very apologetic and lied and said the first guy hadn't hung up, he was having technical problems and that I now had to wait for a cancellation email to cancel my "membership." What membership? All I wanted was to try the free trial products for the trial period of 10 days. I read that and fully understood that, I'm not crazy and can read. The 2nd guy went thru all this garbage of how I had to cancel online, what to type and how to type it, blah, blah, blah. I'm not understanding why I have to cancel online when I had him right on the phone--just cancel it and give me a confirmation number!

    I called my bank to dispute the charge they removed the charge pending an investigation. They asked if I got a confirmation number or if I had any written documentation that I had cancel--Hell NO! This is how they get you. They never send you an email to confirm or cancel anything and you have no proof of anything! The bank told me to call Brite White back and try to speak to a manager or implore them to get a cancellation confirmation number. I called a 3rd time and demanded a cancellation number--one which I think is fake and bogus. I think the guy just gave me a number to get me off the phone. He also proceeded to tell me that there would be no more charges to my account and that I did NOT need to call back to the customer service center! I just hung up and called the bank back.

    I told the bank about the alleged cancellation confirmation number and that I had not used their products. I'm now waiting on documentation to dispute this transaction. Then I went on the web and that's when I started reading about people that have experienced the same thing I'm now typing about. I then proceeded to call my bank a 3rd time and cancelled my credit card and will be receiving a new one any day now. I'll be damned if I pay more than the trial offer prices and I damned sure not paying $87.13 of my hard earned money for something I did NOT subscribe to or for something do NOT WANT!!

    I have ordered things off the internet before and didn't have any problems. I now know that if it's not a reputable company with people or business you've done business with for years--don't order online!!! If it seems to good to be true, it is. They suck you in with untruthful ads by people that are not real and that didn't write the testimonials that suck you in. If you want to whiten your teeth, lose weight, or anything else-- go to the store and buy the products off the shelf!! This was simply not worth all the energy it took to stop this crap!!!

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  • Ze
    ZeeVeeC Jun 15, 2011

    Just called and tried to return unused ProBrite & Royal White. The Pop-up stated pay for shipping and handling. Now I had my checking account debited for $98.00 plus $99.00. Called customer service and they would not take the items back. This is the biggest 'GOTCHA".

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