DataMoneyOnlinebilled my credit card for 197.00 even though i hadnt made any money through their program and wasnt supposed to be billed unless i had

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Logged in on on or about August 16, 2009, and signed up for a on-line money making deal for 7.95 where i was guaranteed to make money in the first 24 hours and if i didnt then my money would be refunded and I would owe no more. Well 197.00 was deducted from my checking account on or about August 17, 2009. After i got inside the workings of this company i quickly realized that there was no way that any money could be made in 24 hours due to the money needed to set things up and the time it took to read all of their literature. I have cancelled my debit card to hopefully prevent any further money being taken out and I am going to dispute it at my bank. Also when I e-mailed the address that the lady gave me at the company for a refund there was no such e-mail address. Supposedly she has cancelled any further money from being taken out and gave me a cancellation number: fl5548747. The e-mail address that she gave me is: [protected] Ive fallen for several scams but this is the last and im getting my money back.


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      Jul 25, 2009
    DataMoneyOnline - Took my money gave me nothing
    Auto Affilate
    3700 83rd Street # 4
    United States

    I was gauranteed that my credit card would not be charged unless I made money within 24 hours. As soon as I looked at what the job was really all about I realized it was the same scam I had been stuck with before and immediatly emled the company and told them I wanted nothing to do with setting up a website and selling all those CD"S about how to get rich and I had no intention of using the program and wanted my money back. The charge is still on my card this transaction took place on 7-22-09 and it is now 7-25-09 I have emailed them at least4 times with no response and the charge still sits on my card. I have already called my bank and toldd them I will not pay it and I am dispute it but my 24 hours has long past and they still have not removed the$197 charge. Do not believe anything they say in the intro because it is all a lie there is not data entry you have to set up your own website and advertsie and then sell on top of all that. It's just another internet scam.

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      Aug 26, 2009

    I Marketa Marcell does not have a account with you $197.00 was tooken out of my account and I did not authorize it along with $175.00 that was charged to my account for insufficient funds now my account is all screwed up I would like for you to reimburse my account for the $197.00 and the $175.00 insufficient funds fee I had to pay due to the scam you are doing if it is not back into my account my back will take up an fraud investigation as soon as possible my mailing address is 906 college blvd apt 104 email is [protected] and phone # is [protected]

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      Aug 26, 2009

    please reimburst my account asap

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      Aug 28, 2009

    I too have been scammed by this company and I am disputing the charges with my bank. I have emailed them 4 times and all I get is an auto response with a ticket#. I have forwarded all email correspondence to the Florida State Attonery General's office. This company has got to be stopped. If anyone knows how to get a direct number for this company please email me @ [protected]

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      Aug 28, 2009
    DataMoneyOnline - fradulant charges
    7816 Dartmoor Court
    United States
    Phone: [protected] (cell)

    I did also go on this web site to check it out. It did
    day that you would be charged $7.95 to get access
    to that web site. It then said nothing about $197.00,
    but how much money would pay to make money on
    that web site. Then you get access to your bank account, and find that you have charged $7.97 and
    then charged $197.00 too. Please let me know the
    outcome of this. When I told my husband about this,
    He was very mad. After all, it was some of his money.
    My email is:[protected]

    P.S. I tried to send them emails too, but got no response to them, and then started to call the #
    that was given on the bank statement which is
    [protected]. They keep saying that I dialed
    that # wrong and that I should dial it again. I did,
    but I keep getting that same message.


    Theresa Barker

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      Sep 15, 2009

    Again, like everyone has posted, DataMoneyOnline has charged my account I. Wannamaker $197.oo dollars on August 12th. I NEVER authorized such transaction. Please reimburse my account immediately. If you took the money you should have all details to refund me back ASAP!!! This is a fraudulent act from your part. If not refunded other measures will be taken.

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      Sep 16, 2009

    I'm another one, people. I paid the$7.95, saw what it was all about, then emailed and cancelled after 1 hour of looking at it. 2 days later, I got billed $197.00. I, too, read that they would not bill me until I started making money, but was billed anyway even though my account was $0.00. When you authorize the initial payment, there is no way to avoid the other payments. I have emailed them twice and received a response stating that I agreed to the "terms and conditions", therefore I would not recieve a refund.
    I have since called my credit card company to dispute it and they are conducting an investigation into this company.
    The phone number for Datamoneyonline is [protected]. You can try calling, but you'll get the runaround and will be told to email several different people with your refund request.
    Everyone who is the same position as us should either call your bank or credit card company to dispute it. Don't let it go. If enough people complain, they will be stopped.
    It's very important to save any emails you send to them or receive from them. It will help in the dispute resolution.

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      Oct 01, 2009
    DataMoneyOnline - Simple Form Filling job
    Datamoney online

    kalpana Vikas Kadam M # [protected]

    This person gave me mail that will offer this job on trial basis of 24 hrs. they charges from me for that 7 dollars.on 31.09.09, and they didnt even gave me any job inspite of that they have taken on 03.10.09
    197 dollars from my account with out any job and also told that if you dont like then u can cancell it but before that they have taken the money earlier i have complaint to you buit thier is no response from your side
    they have taken the money from account, now the bank is pressuring me to pay the amount with every month Interest of Rs. 650/- from where I will pay amount sir /madam
    Please help me out from this scam because I really dont have money to pay the credit card amount now. i am a house wife i thougt i will earnj something help my husband but every thing has become opposite of that. now he also worried about that every day the banker phone come to when u will pay the amount. the interest tillow is Rs.1260.00 from where i will Pay .
    Please do the needful as early as possible.

    Thanking You
    Kalapna V kadam ([protected])

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      Oct 06, 2009
    DataMoneyOnline - scam
    United States

    This so called company is a fraud waiting for prey. Canceled the service during the 24hr trial period and they still charged me for a whole year on my credit card. Disputed charges with my credit card company and filed dispute with the BBB, still haven't gotten it resolved yet. This is a basically a pryamid scheme that uses people's hopes against them. My fault was in not checking them for complaints before I tried their trial period. Please only use this service if you want to be out at least $197 or more and get nothing in return. I have seen complaints on this site where they recieved 3 or 4 dollars for their $200. The only one making money here is this immoral and possible illegal company.

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  •   Oct 12, 2009

    The person behind this has run other deceptive sites in the past - quite a few of them actually.
    Hopefully people are taking the time to file with the FTC, IC3, AGs, and BBB.
    Where to file complaints:

    •Federal Trade Commission –
    •Internet Crime Complaint Center –
    •Attorneys General offices of your State and the State out of which the company is operating - Use the NAAG list here:
    •Better Business Bureau – BBB Complaint Form: can help you understand your rights as a credit card holder or bank account holder.

    If you need details for filing a dispute, you may want to check out some of the provable deceptive practices I've enumerated here:

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      Oct 20, 2009
    DataMoneyOnline - Simple Form Filling job
    Fort Macleod

    Why after so many people having been scammed by this individual and so many complaints about his illegal business practices is he allow by the server to keep his business advertisement on the internet?

    I would think that they would have come up with something that they could yank his right to fly free of any responsibility.

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      Mar 09, 2013

    Danny, are you saying that Workathometruth - recommendations made by Paul is not true?
    I was about to opt for this home based job. Please confirm at the earliest to save my money.


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