Resolved Dartek.comBad service


Let me tell you about their fraudulent evaluations that they give themselves. They used to have such a bad rating because of their service that they made their employees write their own reviews.

They would not work with customers who needed orders charged or shipped at certain times. They also DO NOT REFUND.

If something is broke it must go to the Manufacturer!!!

There were a lot of money lost because of customers being denied purchases and alot of them went to to fortunately find a better price and experience.

I'm just want customers to have a great experience. Don't waste your time or money with bad companies. My personal experience is Do not order from any Systemax companies such as Dartek, Global, TigerDirect. Though I have heard some customer that liked Global and TigerDirect. I have made purchases from those Companies and never had a bad experience.

But I feel personally at risk if I'm purchasing from a Systemax company.

I would rather look into the following two companies: (Competitively priced items ranking from cheapest to most expensive, which includes shipping and handling.) (A great company, which is popular amongst Computer Techs. I have found cheaper prices and lower Fedex Saver shipping at NewEgg some times. I have made many purchases from NewEgg and it will be my second source for a product after I search for it at )

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