Dante DeThomasistrading

D Jul 12, 2019

I was pestered frequently, daily and aggressively. I was promised high returns for 'gold membership' which was guaranteed full capital protection should there be trading losses. I was promised that dante de thomasis would take any losses for the trading period we agreed on.

He then starts talking about my goals in life, where I want to be financially in 3 yrs. Time, etc. He gets me to write down my goals, he sounds really sincere. He then explains that he is looking for a few select students to become part of a forex mentoring team. Long story short, after more than an hour on the phone with dante, I get approved for the next level of qualification.

Don't get sucked in by his slick marketing or even slicker phone sellers because they are all scammers and con artists. None of them even trade and their course is a complete rip off waste of money. Don't get caught in their scam trap.

Scam scam scam!!!

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