Dani Levy Communicationsworst pr firm in israel

B Aug 04, 2018 Review updated:

We hired Dani Levy Communications to handle our PR in Israel. The terrible experience! Dani Levi is an arrogant, rude and silly little man operating a half-bankrupt firm in Israel. It was our fault for not investigating further or visiting their office (which looks abandoned, empty, dirty and simply on the verge of bankruptcy). Dani Levy is completely not suitable to working with foreign companies, Dani Levy himself is ridiculous, so full of himself with absolutely no merits. Only months later did we learn of all the negative remarks about him and his firm from locals, we simply did not know as we are not based in Israel. There are no employees, only 2 of which is a receptionist personal assistant. Awful company! But what is really appalling of Dani Levy is that after we decided to no longer work with them, Dani Levy threatened us, harassed us that if we would not make additional payments to him he would tarnish our name. Luckily we know he doesn't have the ability to do anything but talk. Stay away from Dani Levy Communications if working in Israel. There are much better firms to visit, Dani Levy Communications is really a scam firm, honestly worse PR experience in my 15 yr career.

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      Aug 07, 2018

    Dani Levy Communications went out of business years ago, just no one told Dani Levy hahahaha. He is an idiot with no skills, he has no clients as of 2016. A complete waste of space! There great PR firms in Israel for tech companies, unfortunately Dani Levy is not anywhere near, he is hated in the industry and his only claim to fame was a coca-cola campaign 10 years ago.

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  • P
      Aug 09, 2018

    Dani Levy came to pitch to us once, no idea how he even got the appointment (I think it was through his brother who was CEO at 888 at the time). It was a joke, he is beyond narcissistic, delusional, started telling us to be quiet andlisten to him, I think it took our guys all of 10 minutes to kick him out. A complete idiot.

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