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Almost every time my husband and I visit this establishment, we get rude employees and the wrong order. Most of the time when we go there, the employees are talking amongst themselves or their friends outside the window that is not taking customers orders. One day when I went there, there were four employess talking to each other, not paying attention that there were customers at the window waiting to place orders. One of the employees looked at me then turned away to finish her conversation . So I finally said " excuse me, does anybody work here?" She finally said 'what do you want" with an attitude. I gave her my order and when I got home, once again, it was wrong. There is also a very tall, brunette female employee that works there that is constantly rude to my husband. He went there last night to order our usual, and he noticed that she didn't put the nuts in the Blizzard that he asked for and made mention of that and she said "I know what I am doing" and dumped a scoopfull of nuts on the top of it, not mixed in it like normal. And when he was given the sundae he ordered, he said to her, I ordered a large sundae and this looks smaller than the small I usually order, and she said "I know how to make them and this is all your getting". The icecream didn't even fill 3 quarters of the cup. She has been so rude to my husband so often that if she is the next employee to fill an order he will tell the next person in line to go ahead of him so he doesn't have to be waited on by her. Unfortunately when he went there last night, there were no other customers behind him and she was the one who waited on him. He was so upset by her once again, he said that he will never go there again. I have tried calling the store quite a few times to complain, but am always told that there is no manager there to speak to me. How sad it is that with employees like these, it is driving the customers away. Pretty soon there will be no customers for those rude employees to be waiting on. If I treated the customers where I work, half as bad as the treatment we get from there, I would be fired in a heartbeat. I feel like I can't get any satisfaction from my complaint because I can never get ahold of the manager. I just wish I could get the owners name and number so I could complain to that person. I wonder how many other customers they have lost because of their employees. No more customer loyalty here, I am taking my business elsewhere. Love the ice cream, hate the so called "customer service".


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    Nathan Oct 17, 2008
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    Dairy Queen employees try there hardest you get very busy at times, but the dairy queen i work at has few complaints. I think that it might just be the location you are from, but here we are very polite and will do anything to make the customer happy. I am extremly sorry that one of our dairy queen employees had the nerve to treat you like that.

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  • Ig
    IgnorantPeopleAnnoyMe Aug 25, 2017

    I agree that they should just remake it if they made it wrong, but realize EVERYONE makes mistakes. Just cause they work at Dq doesnt mean they will do everything perfect everytime. Take under consideration how many costumers a day and how long they work.

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