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They promise millage that they can not deliver on. The runs they give you are so close together they have to be run illegal to do them. When you say something about it to them they start screwing with your trips and giving you bad trips you can't make money on. Then they shorted me on my pay and when confronted about it they just gave me the run around. Took several weeks to get my final check. Then when it came to send me my W2 they refused to send it and said I had to drive 400 miles to pick it up. After getting the run around with that I files a complaint with the IRS.

I would avoid working with this company. They treat their drivers like crap. If you have any problems with them they are very unprofessional.


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    Tanglefoot Jun 29, 2012

    Bottom Feeder Companies who feed off of their 'drivers' are the worst to drive for because they are very unpredictable.
    I don't not recommend driving for D&D/Sexton; with the new CSA/2010 DOT regulations
    they are just too small to keep up and remain profitable.
    When a outfit like D&D Sexton are forced into cost/cutting the botton 1/3rd of drivers wll
    suffer the most.
    CSA/2010 and Customer Service has really affected this company; I would avoid them.

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