CWS Californiachild welfare service california


My daughter, aged 3.. My now ex-boyfriend's two kids aged 7 and 3 were detained on september 15, 2017 from our custody for allegations of abuse against my former boyfriend. On september 13, my ex was coming in the front door of our home and his 6 year old daughter was bent down in front of the door picking something up and when he came in the door, he accidentally hit her on the right side of her forehead... I immediately had my 3 year old get her an ice pack, I monitored the swelling and the site.. Gave 5ml tylenol, she said she knew it was an accident and that she was okay. On september 14, she didn't attend school stating she wasn't feeling well.. On september 15, she returned to school. My ex walked her to school like he does and that was that.. At 130 I was phoned that I needed to make my way to her school to be questioned.. I complied... They had already detained her from our care because she said she was picked up and thrown into the doorknob by her father. They detained the other two due to me failing to protect from physical abuse. There is so much [censor] in the report, they didn't do a proper investigation, they didn't get medical records about her illnesses.. Mental health to be exact.. Now I have all these services and my childs biological father is taking me for fill custody.. My daughter just wants to come home, my social worker is [censor], the whole entire system and agency is [censor]. I've been complying with all of their requests, but now i'm stuck without my daughter... It's a mother's worst nightmare, honestly.

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