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I picked up a prescription at this pharmacy above today for an antibiotic known as a Z-Pac. 6 pills to be taken over 5 days. I was told the pills come sealed in a package that visibly shows all the pills sealed to the pharmacist initially that he then places into a small box with the name of the pharmaceutical company that manufactures the pills, before it is given to the consumer. The box therefore is not sealed when you get it, though the pills are sealed in their package which you have to pop them out of in order to take them.
When I got home and opened the box, two of the 6 pills were missing and had clearly been popped out of the package. I went back to the store to report what had happened.
The pharmacist who was filling my order clearly should have seen that two of the pills were missing when he was putting them into the box I received. He did not see this.
Clearly someone behind the counter, either a pharmacist or a clerk at the register there had been helping themselves to antibiotic medication illegally. How they expected to get away with it is beyond me since it should have been obvious to the pharmacist filling my order that pills were missing from the package. But they did not see this so even the pharmacist filling my order screwed up as well.
This shows someone is abusing the drugs at this store, very likely an employee working the register behind the counter or a pharmacist themselves.
Never encountered an issue like this ever. But customers using this store should be aware that abuses are going on behind the counter where drugs prescriptions are filled. I reported this to the Corporate headquarters for further investigation. Let's hope they take this seriously.

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    Pharmacy is at 200 Shrewsbury Plaza, Shrewsbury NJ 07702


  • Mrs Bean Feb 07, 2019

    Umm... how do you know the pharma is able to see the pack of pills?

    I've been in ZPack before and I have actually seen the pharmacist go to the shelf, take that little box all sealed and everything, and then process the prescription.

    Someone at the factory did that.

    But seriously, this is a box you have to break open in order to get to the pill pack. There is no way someone could subtly tamper with it without anyone noticing.

    If the box came to you intact then they came from the factory that way.

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  • Mrs Bean Feb 07, 2019

    How could anyone abuse these? They don't alter your moods!

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