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CVS Pharmacy / CVS Health Complaints & Reviews

CVS Pharmacy / CVS Health / Prescription

Captmike55 on Jul 23, 2017
My husband was given a prescription for Carafate 1GM/10ML. A day after getting brought it home I noticed the difference in the solutions in the bottles. He had taken a dose from anther bottle that he had gotten which was a small bottle. Once we noticed this we returned it to the CVS...

CVS Pharmacy / CVS Health / pharmacy department

Takeshi Gibson on Jul 15, 2017
I placed a follow up phone call to CVS Pharmacy in Lanett, Alabama on July 15, 2017 in reference to a prescription that was dropped off on Wednesday, July 12. The call was regarding an order for Glucose Monitoring Strips for a family member that is on Medicaid/Medicare. The family member...

CVS Pharmacy / CVS Health / pharmacy in roswell ga store # 895 the worst!

Roswell on Jul 13, 2017
Yes, yes... The worst of the worst. Unfortunately, july 1, 2017, this was the cvs close to my location at roswell apartments in georgia. I am an out of towner from alabama and had to wait to get my meds in ga. I was driven to this cvs (Would rate -10) if could. Well to say the least, I...

CVS Pharmacy / CVS Health / liquor department

Jerr_y on Jul 12, 2017
I was shopping last week at cvs on western and Venice when I arrive I made line to request a bottle it was 15 minutes before closing when I ask for assistance they send me a manager since the wait in line was taking forever, once the manager by the name of john showed up he refuse to get...

CVS Pharmacy / your snow plowing service keeps ruining my fence

ky86teeth on Jul 12, 2017
I live behind the cvs on grafron st worcester, mass and every year their snow plows ruin and break my fence. This year I have contacted them several times both in person and by certified mail showing pictures and damages. Every other time my fence was fixed by them. this year they have not...

CVS Pharmacy / cvs pharmacy 1145 washington ave, evansville, in 47714

Sandi Burkhart on Jul 12, 2017
My son & I both fill all our medicines at this pharmacy and a month doesn't go by that they don't screw up something causing us unneeded hassle when getting our medications. I do not know who is in charge of this pharmacy, but they really need to get it together training their staff. We...

CVS Pharmacy / customer service by manager not good at all

Luisa Ramalho on Jul 10, 2017
Tonight at 3am i went to your cvs store in greenwich ct. Store number 6702 . when i went to pay your system was not reading phone numbers. Or email. I had a 20% off on the card and items on sale would not give sale price because system was not taking any numbers. So i asked the young lady...

CVS Pharmacy / the service that I received at your store on sienna parkway & highway 6.

Donnell Thompson on Jul 9, 2017
I was released from West Houston Hospital yesterday on Sunday, 7/9/2017. I had just receive the second of two knee replacements; my wife and I live at 9218 Cold Hollow Lane, Missouri City, Texas 77459. We went to your location at Sienna Parkway and Highway 6, we drove through the drive...

CVS Pharmacy / pharmacy

Ana Caetano Garrido on Jul 7, 2017
On July 4th I called the automated system to refill my fathers prescription. (We are currently overseas until September) The automated system there were no redilla left and that someone was going to call the Dr. I called again that Friday (the day it told me to call).. The rep put me on...

CVS Pharmacy / pharmacy manager

John-Wayne on Jul 5, 2017
On Wednesday 7/5/2017 at approximately 4pm, I had a very bad experience with the pharmacy manager by the name of Donna Gilmer who works at the LR AR location on Geyer Springs Rd. I called to get a doctor's name changed on some medication. Things went wrong when I told her that it was the...

CVS/Specialty / hcg (drug costs)

georgejackson on Jul 4, 2017
I've done everything to keep cvs as my pharmacy. I've been using cvs pharmacy for years with no issues. Until last year, when I had to use their cvs specialty pharmacy group to order a drug (Hcg - chorionic gonad). I've spent over 10k in the last year (Out of pocket)... With insurance...

CVS Pharmacy / telephone prescription calls

Elaine Kangas on Jul 3, 2017
To begin with, I put in, early on to receive TEXTS, not phone calls which are stealing my minutes from my pay as u go phone. I did talk about this in person at the store and was told technology rules. Someone puts info into the computer (a human, I guess). I received NOT ONE TEXT. I have...

CVS Pharmacy / pharmacist

JKP2015 on Jul 1, 2017
My husband went to a CVS yesterday to fill a prescription. He has cancer and is a patient at the pain clinic at VCU. The initial CVS location he tried to fill the prescription told him that they didn't have the medication he was trying to fill. They printed him out a list of locations that...

CVS Pharmacy / service

Heaven2175 on Jun 28, 2017
Today I was in the cvs on hwy 69 south in Tuscaloosa, AL and for 45 minutes I watched the cashier run back and forth trying to help customers in photo and customers up front. I heard this cashier apologize multiple times because she was the only one here. Is this ok for a store manager to...

CVS Pharmacy / management/tracy

Shelia Wright on Jun 28, 2017
I have been shopping with CVS for a short time. When Tracy is there she is always rude and short with me, I can not understand this type of behavior. Last time I wanted to use to bathroom and pick up a few things, this was in Tupelo, MS . Tracy informed me the bathrooms were closed the...

CVS Pharmacy / supervisor

Manuel Aguirre on Jun 28, 2017
Hello, my name is Manuel Aguirre, and I have been going to the CVS on Sepulveda and Lassen in North Hills / Mission Hills for about two years on a weekly basis. I usually spend about $30-$50 every two weeks on Malatonin, Zquil, Advil, Earplugs, Water, Monsters, Razors, etc. Tonight...

CVS Pharmacy / lack of privacy

weel on Jun 27, 2017
Went to my local CVS to ask Pharmacist a question about an OTC product for a UTI, and I had to explain all about the problem with a man breathing down my neck and another man to the left of me. This is uncalled for! They need to keep people back away from the counter when someone is talking to...

CVS Pharmacy / passport picture service

Thiago Gandarillas on Jun 26, 2017
I spent over 1h driving around visit a total 4 stores and every store in the end couldn't delivery the passport picture. One store told me don't have, the other camera is broken, the other even took picture and employee didn't know how to operate machine and send me to another store which...

CVS Pharmacy / service

Marci Ortiz on Jun 24, 2017
On 06/23/2017 I went into store #5134 CVS on Cropsy, not only the employee but the management in this store are rude and this isn't the first time the people you have working for your company has been disrespectful. Simple things like turning in bottles threes always a attitude and by the...

CVS Pharmacy / pharmacist

Corey Webb on Jun 23, 2017
Pharmacist Nancy Bixler in Lapel, IN is very rude and does not let people get their prescriptions, even elderly people who actually need it. She always gives my wife the run around or some stupid excuse for everything. She needs reported. And said it's illegal to pay for medications with...

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