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CVS Health / cvs new albany ohio

Jordan3 on May 23, 2017
Store 2766 After spending over 30 min at photo kiosk and checking out and getting receipt I went to desk and was told printer had not been working for 4 hours can not do photos. 2 customer service people saw me at kiosk including manager at 7:31 pm and no one bothered to tell me kiosk wa...

CVS Health / horrible customer service for my infant child

Jsheph03 on Apr 14, 2017
Today 4/14/2017 I drove up to CVS on 9308 Kendall Drive, store number #03896 to pick up my child's prescription. I experienced the worst customer service I had ever seen in my life! The Pharmacy Technician MS. DOMINIQUE asked me the name and birthday for the pick up, I kindly gave it to...

Cvs Caremark / Prescription coverage scam

Ganjed on Apr 6, 2017
CVS Caremark tried this prescription scam on me. I originally had a 90 day prescription at my local pharmacy and they said I had to have 30 day to get insurance to cover it. So I went back to my doctor at MY cost to move it to 30 days. Now yesterday I tried to get my prescription and I wa...

Cvs Caremark / Customer service

Shawna Brooks on Mar 26, 2017
The Cvs Store at 2290 Central Park Ave, Yonkers, NY 10710 . Has bad customer service a young lady by the name of Khizra was ringing me up and she had a bad attitude. This isn't my first time having a problem with her. She always have an attitude. I always shop at this Cvs store an every...

Cvs Caremark / Refusal of services

JA Daniels on Feb 24, 2017
I suffered from a first time pregnancy with an involuntary miscarriage and was in pain. The Emergency Room doctors gave me pain and nausea/ vomiting prescriptions. I went to my normal Washington, DC CVS pharmacy and they did not have the medicine available in their store. I then went to a...

Cvs Caremark / Forced service

Kelly Shepard Laurianno on Feb 17, 2017
Funny since I choose to use the cvs caremark prescription plan forced on me by the state of ri at rite aid pharmacy because of the treatment in the past received at cvs suddenly I get a letter that my daughters prescription will no longer be covered unless I get it through 90 day mail in...

CVS Health / Cvs caremark speciality meds

Toshia Roper on Dec 21, 2016
This is the worst company ever to get infertility medicines. I've having getting my medications from CVS for over a year and I've had problems after problems. It's already stressful enough going through fertility treatment but dealing with CVS is terrible. They take days to find our and...

CVS Health / Cvs spectravite multivitamin & mineral supplement for women 50+

same as above on Oct 19, 2016
Cyanocobalamin is comprised of cyanide molecules attached to cobalamin molecules within each B12 vitamin in this product. Cyanide is a toxic poison that the body can't metabolize and, over time, it can accumulate in brain tissue with disastrous results. CVS should reconsider this & other vitamin products that contain this cyanide-based supplement...

CVS Health / Wrongfully accused of inappropriate text and disrespectful conduct with customers.

Todayforward on Oct 5, 2016
I feel that I am being unfairly treated to have been accused of being disrespectful with customers without consistent follow up or feedback from management. To be expected to be in fear of termination of unemployment per the final warning write up. Customer service & resolutions I have...

CVS / Pharmacy / Rude employee

babelovepricegoree on Aug 27, 2016
I have use this cvs for more than 2 years. I have no problem with any of the employee's but one. I use the pharmacy on a regular basics and one employee in particular is very rude her name is tondelaya. I notice this day one but i said maybe she is having a bad day. I notice she i...

CVS Health / Extra care card

Reviewer97885 on Feb 10, 2016
Is there any person at CVS that can explain to me why CVS ExtraBucks that were sent to my Extracare card by the corporate office on February 5, 2016 were not on my card as of last night when I went to make a purchase? This seems to be a recurring theme by CVS. For example I received an...

CVS Health / Mistreated by cashier pharmacist "Sam "

jorge e on Jan 3, 2016
my wjfe when to the store a week earlier to drop a prescription and pharmacist explain to her that he will not do it because she have a refill to finish it so, she come back this weekend 01/03/2016 to drop the prescription and pick up the refill, while she was on line one the cashier Aysha...

Cvs Caremark / Takes 4 to 6 months to handle my cliams

Docmyboat on Aug 31, 2015
Ronald Savage /Empire plan 890665537 the first claim i put into CVS they lost this was a month after they got the contract with Empire.I have to mention i live in the Philippines so after this incident which cost me 15usd to send it registered, they did agreed i could fax my claims which i...

Cvs Caremark / An employee women accusing me a 53 yo male of sexual harrassment

darren6996 on Aug 29, 2015
Ave been more than giving caves business of over 10, 000.00 monthly, aim very ill, just getting out of the hospital with respiratory failure. Pharmacist pulled me over and told me, that an, the tech filed against me a 53 year old man. Now I can reassure you aim on over 20 medications from...

Cvs Card Savings / These ### tried to steal from me

Tocer on Oct 12, 2014
This company CVS Card Savings tried to steal from me, but the rep from the bank called me and informed that they stopped the thief. Also I haven’t money on the account, so they couldn’t charge me. I wanted only to warn other people not to use this horrible company and post...

Cvs Caremark / Horrible

Unhappy customer 100000 on Jul 30, 2014
CVS Caremark mail order pharmacy is not a pharmacy you want to use if you value your life and want to keep your sanity! I have dealt with them for several years and the service keeps getting worse on a daily bases. A few years ago my doctor changed one of my prescriptions and CVS specialty...

Cvs Caremark Pharmacy / Failing to deliver Prescriptions on time, everytime they are late

PrescriptionsNeeded on Mar 18, 2014
I have been dealing with the CVS Caremark Pharmacy for too long now. They have never delivered my Prescriptions timely; they hold prescriptions that you need to keep yourself a live, because you have a slight outstanding balance, Ummmm. I have never not paid them for their lack of Service...

Cvs Caremark / Partially fulfilled order

Michal Nokovic on Jan 14, 2014
Partial fulfillment of medication requested on 12/23/2013. After a 48 minute conversation with a CVS representative upon receipt of medications, together we compiled a letter to be sent to a CVS department handling subscriber concerns. After a week, I have yet to hear from and no...

Cvs Drugstore / steve the pharmacy dept.

medicaly disabeled on Nov 14, 2013
On 11/12/13 I went to the drive through to pick up all of my prescriptions. This idiot named steve Imperati decided to play god in my life n stated he refuses to fill my perscriptions because it was to soon however he has prescriptios that were phone inby my doctor. He refuses to submit...

CVS / Pharmacy / Manager hires FOUR of supervisor's close friends

CVS_Employee on Oct 1, 2013
One of the supervisors of my store has been a major influence in the hire of FOUR new employees within the past year. Now you may think it's nothing big or just a coincidence, but every one of these new hires have been promoted within days or months just starting the job while people...

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