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E Aug 04, 2018

I called your office in Ghana to ask for assistance to upgrade from Family to Compact. I spoke with three persons between 11 am and 12 pm on Saturday, 04-08-18 on this same process. One was female the others were males. Sorry, I do not remember their names. (But you record conversations).

He (the assistant) burst into laughter when I asked to upgrade (he thought it was inaudible, but I heard clearly. I was so unhappy and felt ridiculed but needed a solution to have additional channels, so I pretended.

Later, I read that DSTV was not showing the Community Shield. This was when I realised the reason for their ridicule.

I feel very offended by the action of that gentleman. I know I am not a big client but if I hear nothing about this complaint and action, I will regretfully quit DSTV.

Thank you.

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