Custom Hobbyiest Inc.lg g3 phone cell ls990

C Aug 07, 2018

Hello my name Charles Howe and I teach a class on maintenancing your cell phone. I purchased an LG G3 which is the the phone I derived my lesson from. Two months ago my phone displayed a kernel crash and stopped working. Since then I have had to put it a way because anything tried didn't work to repair it. The reason for contacting you is, I see about 1600 people every four months. I use to recommend your brand of phone to the people in the class. I tailed my lesson around the fact that I recommended them to purchase an LG phone to get better use of my lesson. That even though you may not have an LG it may take you longer to get the total benefit of my lesson. Since the phone malfunctioned I have had to cut back on classes because I am having to use a ZTE which is not the same layout and makes it harder for me to explain how and where to go for setting and other maintenance. When I looked up the issuse with my phone I found it was a defect from manufacturer, but I have no warranty. I would like to keep recommending your brand to my students and keep the lesson I have made the way it is. I use the money collected in my lessons to help a local soup kitchen and are now having to help with clean up do to the resend flooding and I do not have to money to purchase a new one. I hope to hear from someone soon to see if there is possible a refurbished one you may send me fory lessons. Sincerely Charles Howe

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