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Cupboard Doctor Bad workmanship, job not completed

The cupboard doctor started the kitchen renovation on 31 October 2016. The contract requires 60% deposit, then another 35% on 2nd day of installation. After receiving 95% of the money only the work team comes to site. We have not seen Wentzel again even after many requests that he come to see problems with the installation. Wentzel measured the bottom doors too short, so they had to all be removed and replaced. Now most cupboards have multiple holes, many not filled or smoothed. He estimated 3 days for the job - 4 weeks later we are still waiting for them to complete the finishing. On his advice we let the painter & tiler complete their work before he started on 31st. We have had to call them back twice to redo paint etc damaged by his installation. He no longer answers my emails or phone calls. He will only talk to my husband and keeps promising to fix the skew cupboards which the team keeps attempting to repair but the results just keep looking worse. Many of the doors and hinges are skew. The locks on the 2 grocery cupboards are loose and flimsily installed. A very disappointing result. Even though my cupboards were old they were in excellent condition. Now the inside and some of the outside of these cupboards is unsightly. We would like him to come personally and see the site; and honour his contract and complete the job neatly and professionally before the end of November 2016.

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