Cumberland Cyclespoor customer service from yamaha dealership


Took my 2014 Yamaha to Cumberland Cycles to have a nail in tire removed and a tube installed in the tire. I knew something was wrong when it took about a day and a half to have this done. I called dealership to see what was taking so long, they informed me it was almost ready. I arrived at the dealership shortly after to pick up my bike. When I got ready to get on it they came out to remove a smaller bike which was very close to mine so I couldn't do a walk around my bike like I always do. The mirrors were about ready to fall off of the bike so I had to adjust and tighten them down before I could leave. When I got home I looked it over and found a gash that was put in my gas tank and someone tried to touch it up. This paint job was a custom one of a kind paint job for Yamaha battle of the bolts competition which my bike took second runner up on the east coast. So when I spotted the scratch in my tank I called the dealership and left a message letting them know I saw the scratch and I wanted to know why I wasn't told about what happed and why they tried to cover it up. My thoughts are the mirrors were loose so I would focus on them instead of my paint on the tank and the smaller bike was to keep me from walking around the bike to see the scratch. I worked for a lot of car dealerships in my life and seen this practice done a lot. It has been five days since I mad the call but haven't heard from them yet. So I have been advised by my attorney friend to make a complaint to the Better Business Bureau.

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