csurance / cell ciphone 7 stolen

P Aug 01, 2018

Hi. I have a contract with cellc for the past 3 and a half years. I'm a great customer there that hasn't even slipped not a single payment. The 2nd contract I took with cell c I got advised by the consultant that taking up insurance will b my best decision ever hence I'm taking such a expensive phone. I then took up with the insurance that cell c claims to be the best. Have been paying both the phone and contract every single month with no complains. Then my phone got lost in within 1yr 4mnths of the contract. Was told to put a claim which I did after being sent back  And forth to cell c and the police station. Then when they finally submit all documents I'm being told that its still with the underwriters they'll get back to me. I was promised 14-18workung days which has already exceeded 21 days now. I then hold for an hour just to b put on hold again then either the tell me same reason or they just hang up. It's almost a month now I can't use my phone. No one wants to help from cell c. Cell c stores even tell u that they don't call csurance whereas they the ones advertising it. Then no one wants to help. Can't even disclose where csurance offices are. This is my last insurance I'll ever take with cell c. Paying R1777 a month isn't pap n vleis when I can't even use a phone. I'll make sure the entire media knows about cell c bad service and no one is willing to help. Calculate so far how much money I've invested in cell c to b treating me like I'm on a R100 contract. I trust someone will get back to me with positive feedback.
[protected] Lesego. That's also my cell c contract number. Why I ported to cell c i have no idea.
My I'd number is [protected]

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