Crunch Fitnessmanagement malpractice

Ri Oct 03, 2019

My name is ricardo gonzalez, member since this location was open back many years ago, yesterday 19/2/2019 at around 16:30 in the afternoon, I was at johns creek location must about to get home, I was approached by carmelo, he told me I can't have gym bags on the floor and I should put it in the locker room, I said that many people including trainers from the gym do so every day, he told me there was a policy for that, I suggested want to see it so in that way I would have my mind clear why trainers and other people do not comply, at the end I told him to please wait a moment while I finished.

I went to the front desk to speak to him, and the suddenly this guy damien was in the middle of us trying to argue with me about him been the manager or so, I made the gesture like do jot interfere here the conversation is flowing this way for now, he grab my hand, which is ilegal to touch me without my consent, and went aggressive to me, he even try to call, a mob movement, other trainers like they would hit me, I told him don't ever touch me again, then they give me a copy of the rule and now I know the law should be applied to every one including trainers and staff.

The situation is that we was aggressive and touched me, I could be escalated to anywhere if not for carmelo, you should educate the personal for this behaviors so they won't have any legal repercussions.

Thank you.

Ricardo gonzalez
Phone. [protected]

If anything is needed please do not hesitate contacting me at any time.

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