Crowder RV5th wheel camper with MAJOR water damage


My husband and I purchased a 2008 Flagstaff 5th wheel from Crowder RV.

When looking at this camper, I stressed my BIGGEST concern was water leaks to our salesman, Jayme.

There was NEVER any mention of prior water damage…EVER.

On our 3rd camping trip, my husband slid something into the front storage space, and the vinyl flooring tore. Under that vinyl was my biggest nightmare.

The floor was not only WET, but it was completely ROTTEN, and filled with BLACK MOLD which we unknowingly had been subjected to breathing into our lungs. It had been this way for so long, that the aluminum braces were disintegrating into powder.

We tore the flooring out, and took the camper back to Crowder RV. We spoke to Jeff Crowder.

He looked at the photos, and then looked at the camper itself. He agreed that the damage had been there for a long time. He also admitted that when they got the camper in on their lot, that it had a water damaged kitchen floor that they “repaired”.

He offered to fix the storage compartment, and absorb ½ of the cost to repair it as a goodwill gesture, being that the camper was sold, “as is”. This was an additional $700+ which we paid.

After getting the camper back home, I began to remove the living/dining area carpet. It was then that I discovered the “repair” that they did to the kitchen area floor. There was a piece of plywood, with a thin sheet of luan laid down on TOP of the damaged floor, and new hardwood flooring on top of that. Thus, covering up the damage as I suspected.

At this time, I sent Jeff Crowder an email, and told him that I felt it was a cover up. At which point, he told me I was mistaken, and that my words were “hurtful”.

This lead me to have the hardwood flooring taken up at the site of the “repair”. Again, my worst nightmare. The floor UNDER their cover up was also rotten, stunk to high heaven, and FULL of black mold. There is NO possible way that THIS was an “oversight”.

After sending Mr. Crowder photos to prove that I WASN’T mistaken about their cover up, I received no further emails from him.

We removed the floor completely in the kitchen, which required removing the sink/stove cabinet. Again…rotten, moldy floor under that as well.

Basically, the ENTIRE floor has MAJOR water damage, and rotting black mold.

Covering up a severely water damaged camper and selling it to unsuspecting buyers does NOT fit the description of being a faith based, ethical business with morals.

We would have WALKED AWAY from buying this nightmare from the beginning, had anyone chose to be honest about the prior water damage. THAT they chose to keep undisclosed, until AFTER the purchase.

We now have a severely damaged camper that we can’t use…that we can’t afford to fix, and we still have 4 1/2 years left to pay on it.
Why is it okay to sell a bucket of black mold to the public when you tack an "as is" on it?
Our FIRST mistake was to trust them.

5th wheel camper with MAJOR water damage

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