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On 09/05/18 I called the office at 8:30 am and left a voicemail about our refrigerator going out and our floor caving in. I never received a call back, so I called again at 12:30 that afternoon and spoke to someone in the office. I told her about the floor in front of our master bedroom in the kitchen caving in, and the refrigerator. I expressed my concerns about our food rotting if someone didn't get there soon. She said she would send someone out. I got home around 6:30 and nobody had been there at all. Someone finally showed up at 8:30 that night, said he didn't know what to do, and left. The next day, someone came around 11 or 12 and decided we just needed a new fridge and came back at 4 pm to deliver the new fridge. If someone would have come out when I called on Wednesday, and brought a new fridge a few hours later, all of our food would be fine.. I'm asking for reimbursement for the food lost, because I called with plenty of time to save all of the food in there. But they neglected to come in a timely manner, and now everything is gone. I have a 3 year old son to feed, and they didn't even try to save it. Nobody even checked the floor. So I called today, 09/07/18 and let them know that it was getting worse and I have a 3 year old son that's at risk of falling through the floor. They finally sent someone out to fix it. But they left glue all over my kitchen floor. While they were here (nobody was home), they took it upon themselves to use my son's cup scrubber to scrub some sort of dirt off of something and left it in the sink. It was filthy. I won't be using that to wash my son's cups anymore. Our dishwasher hasn't worked right since the day we moved in, they suggested we just turn the breaker off and not use it. So I hand wash dishes.. but now I'm out a scrubber because I have no idea what they used it for. That's completely disrespectful and I'm livid. Also, we have to call multiple times to get anything fixed. We've fixed a few things ourselves because they won't answer the phone or come fix it. We've fixed toilet leaks and the porch light because the storm door they put on had no spring on it, so it swung open and broke the porch light. They wouldn't replace it. So we did. It took multiple phone calls to get the leak in our shower fixed. They cracked the shower floor while they were here that time, and also left nails on the floor. Where my 3 year old could step on them. We have so many leaks around our house that we've told them about, and they won't fix them. The sinks leak, the toilet in the master bathroom constantly runs and leaks from the tank, the bathtub faucet in the other bathroom leaks. Our water bill gets higher every month, and it's ridiculous. When new management took over, at first we were told that if we rent that it's our responsibility to do any maintenance around the house. It was clear then that these people didn't know what they were doing. We explained that that's not the case, they figured it out as well. But we still can't get anyone to do their job, and when they do they disrespect our home. These are just a few of the incidents that have occurred. I need to know what can be done about this and our food that was ruined. I took action immediately to make sure we didn't lose all of our food, and they didn't do their part. I will contact the BBB if I have to, because this is the last straw. As you can tell, we've put up with this for sometime now. 3 years to be exact. But I will not tolerate them taking food from my child and leaving dangerous objects around for him to step on, neglecting a rotting floor that he could fall through, and using his cup scrubber for I don't even know what! Please give me a call or email me.

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    I also forgot to mention that when we called about the leaks, at first nobody came at all and marked the job completed in the office. We let them know that none of the leaks were fixed, so someone came to fix the leak in the shower. But left all of the other leaks.


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    9wood Sep 07, 2018

    think bbb a good start
    don't make your children the main issue, need to explain the condition of the floors etc...
    may also have a legal case, read your lease and see what it states in regards to repairs and in what time from
    state law is usually used on most leases
    would also check what your state law specifies on tenant rights etc...

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