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A Jan 07, 2019
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Credit One Bank received a comprehensive and detailed letter from me stating why I wanted a refund. The points are valid and true. I requested a purchase refund of $720 to cover 90 books I pre-purchased with excitement and anticipation of a really great product. What I, and 21 others received, was not the promised product at all.

This product, a collaborative book with 21 co-authors, was delivered to us on 9/22/18. None of us had any idea the book would lack proper & professional editing (which we paid for) and become an embarrassment instead the promised, "brand-representing book each of us could use no matter what industry or purpose we intended for it."

The merchant, Show Your Success, Taurea Vision Avant, the book's publisher, 'owned' the fact that the product was not up-to-par and the standards by which I based my purchase of 90 an email she said to me, "I can understand why you might be disappointed in the book..."

A revised version of the book was then offered to all 21 authors (except me, where I was blocked from, and singularly excluded from, all future opportunities.) There are other co-authors who objected to the abomination this book truly is, and yet, they were not excluded from conversations or participation.

I sent a detailed letter to Credit One Bank explaining my reason for disputing the purchase of a product which failed to meet the expectations set by the merchant.

I mailed the book with my letter to illustrate the publisher's failings and to further back my requested refund for the purchase.

About a month later, Credit One Bank's dispute department returned the book with a letter telling me "you will have to return merchandise to the merchant; we do not do that for you." (I could not helping thinking: Wow, really? Is that why you think I sent it to you with Post-it Notes indicating the points in my dispute letter?)

Two months later: I have just received a letter declining the requested this letter, which includes 4 out of 7 pages (where are the other pages?) the merchant has responded with a completely irrelevant counter-claim: that I am a liar and have filed fraudulent charges claiming I never received the product.

If you bought an electronic item and it arrived in a faulty-state, you would be due a refund. This simplistic analogy serves the issue at-hand and I am not alone in this claim.

I never once said I did not receive the product. How could I be unhappy with something if I never received it? I said "the product purchased is not the product that was delivered." And yet, that is the merchant's response and apparently the basis for denying my request for a refund. I can only guess, frankly, as no one is available to discuss this with me at Credit One Bank.

Today, 1/7/19, I was on the phone with Credit One Bank and was told, over-and-over again: "there is no one you can speak with in the dispute department, ma'am. Just send us a detailed letter."
"But, I already did that and the response was DENIED. Where did I go wrong, I asked? What else do you need to prove my point? It is obvious where the problems are in the product and another detailed letter can only restate the same issues. Surely someone can tell me why the dispute was denied?" No, apparently no one can pick up the telephone at Credit One Bank's dispute department.

Instead, whoever read my letter and then read the merchant's response was apparently unable to distinguish the difference between what I was describing as a failed product with valid basis for a refund, and what the merchant continues to say, which entirely irrelevant.

How sad that this merchant continues to bully, threaten and harass me. Credit One Banks's advice, that I pick up the phone and speak to publisher is merely an invitation for more dramatic, baseless, inane responses.

Unlike the merchant's made-up, broken-record retort, the truth is I did not cause this publisher undue problems: had the book been published as was promised, none of this would have happened. I have not exacerbated the problems with any defamation (unlike the treatment I am receiving.) At this point, all I can is ridiculousness at the highest level, frankly.

The other co-authors received a refund for their books. I do not understand why I am not able to receive the same courtesies without the threat of a lawsuit and continued harassment, name-calling and bullying. I have emails to prove this, too, but that is not the purpose of this her response "she needs to return the books that she picked up ASAP" but there is no offer for a refund. Inasmuch as she has proven herself to be unprofessional, illogical, and dramatic (lawsuit? really? why?) I have little reassurance or confidence that I would get a refund from her.

In the end, this is a lose-lose proposition for me with both the publisher and Credit One Bank.

I want to know why my claim was denied and I want the amount of the book charge put on hold until a valid and fair resolution or at least, a reason, is given.

Here is the letter I sent to Credit One Bank:October 4, 2018
RE: Dispute charge & interest: 9/7/18 $720 for Mastercard ending in 3197
From: [removed], [removed]
To Whom This May Concern:
I am account holder [removed] and I authorized a $720 charge for 90 books, paid to Taurea Avant, publisher of a collaborative, 21-author book, "Wake Up Winning No Matter!" This book was delivered on 9/22/18. Prior to that moment, the finished product was unseen by all parties, except Wanda D. Hollis and Taurea Avant.
I am disputing this charge based on the fact that the product delivered is not the product I purchased.
The co-authors did not get to see the finished product prior to printing, and had no idea it would deviate so far off the anticipated good faith, I purchased books based on their assurances (over 6 months time) that we would all receive a properly edited and brand-carrying product. When this book was delivered on 9/22/18, it was obvious this was not the book we were sold on. This feels like a hustle, frankly. Since the receipt of these books, there have admissions of guilt by the both the publisher and the collaborator, Wanda D. Hollis, who now admit the book had chapters which had NOT been edited at all. And yet, it was published. Part of our fee paid ($697) was to include professional final editing.
To her credit, Ms. Avant has acknowledged the book's failings: "I can understand why you might be disappointed in the book…" is an email I received. There appears to be activity toward a corrected version of the book. However, I was the only co-author out of 21 people to be singled-out and literally blocked from viewing the video announcement of proposed changes. This is, in and of itself, a questionable choice made by one or both the publisher and Wanda D. Hollis.
This end product was purported to be an item each of us could use as a representative of each co-author's personal brand. Clearly, it is not. There is a portion of the book, (please see "7 Tips" page 135) which are written in such a way as to appear to be MY tips, yet they are not. Written in first person, it is misleading to the reader. For instance, "This lesson was reminded to me by my Grandson Ayden." I don't have a grandson. And I object to the grammar. This is embarrassing.
In my field, wherein I work as a personal branding strategist, I could not hand this book to anyone as a representative of my personal brand. If my client were to have this fiasco become their promised book, I would have encouraged the same actions I am taking now: a full refund without question.
As you can from the very beginning, with an Introduction that normally includes a comment on the book itself, it is entirely focused on Wanda D. Hollis. It appears to be her book with us in it. The word "collaboration" was used throughout the 6+ month's process, but only now it is being called "Wanda's book" by the publisher. That was never said until we started to complain about the book. Truly, this is not at all the guaranteed "book you can all use for your personal brand." The cover was not an option for us to comment on; it was already decided for us/the project. Please note the odd spacing in the title; it has been noticed and laughed at, frankly, as a blatant typesetting issue, where the "W" is spaced too far from the rest of the word. I suspect this was another Wanda D. Hollis choice to focus on the W. Just a thought….
Finally, there is the issue of the Acknowledgments: not only were we all told, on multiple occasions by Wanda Hollis that these would appear at each author's chapter, there is a video where Ms. Avant says, "These acknowledgments will be placed at the end of each author's chapter." Please refer to the back section of the book where these acknowledgments have been placed, instead. Not only is this a failure to deliver a product as stated, there are now repercussions with my clients/buyers. I pre-sold books to them based on what we told: that their company name and website, along with their congratulatory remarks, would be placed right at my chapter. Sadly, it is the case. What's worse, as you will see, is the entire paragraph is a single, run-on sentence. Again, an editing issue as well as non-delivery of product as stated. The final remark I have on this is that my congratulatory remarks come from well-known names, including Mark Victor Hansen, "Chicken Soup for the Soul" co-creator; having this positioned near my chapter was to further enhance my personal brand. Alas, that was not to be.
Bearing these many factors in mind, I feel that is within my full right to obtain a complete refund the $720 charge as well as the interest accrued thus far.
Thank you very kindly for your prompt response. Please feel free to contact me should any questions arise whatsoever. I can be reached by calling [protected]. Also, if need be, the other co-authors have agreed to make themselves available to you if you feel the need to question any further. I do believe that the book's errors are evidence enough to uphold my dispute.

Most sincerely yours,


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