CreativeMall.comitems sold are not as pictured on website.

J Aug 03, 2018

BEWARE!! THIS A SCAM INTERNET SHOPPING NETWORK! In mid July, 2018 a sponsored ad on Facebook which shows an expensive and unique Star Wars Light Saber : Original product -, and interested buyers will prompted to go to : or other, but the link will redirect you to - . Along with many gullible buyers, I purchased the item.
The item received actually was actually a cheap plastic toy and not a metal and quality product as in video.
I have tried cancelling the order but the seller and pay recipient will not respond until too late and item is shipped. This will cause to resolve by returning the item and apply for a refund. The return process the buyer endure may cost as much or more than the item itself.
I have discovered through Facebook comments and other websites e.g:, that many have been tricked into buying the product.
As a buyer, I very REGRET going through the purchasing transaction and Returning process. Such a waste of money.

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