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So between jan-feb my roommate tries to order pay per view movies 15 total. Each time he tries to watch them it comes up with service unavailable so he tries back at a later time with same results.

The bill comes and I have $152.25 bill for 15 movies 4 different movies in all which we never was able to watch. The bill comes in April for movies which where tried to be ordered in jan-feb?

I contact their customer service and they say it was ordered from the cable box and their records show that the movie was sent to the box, and since I did not call them the moment it happened that we paid for a movie and did not get it the charges would stay. They also threw out a BS comment on why it took 2 months for the charges to show up on my bill. "The receiver can down load the information on purchased movies at any time, though it normally does this nightly". In this case it took 2 months to pull?

So to pretty much cox is charging me 152.25 for 15 pay per view movies i never watched between jan-feb and tried to bill me 2 months later in April for it.


  • Hi
    HimU85 Jul 22, 2010

    We were billed twice for the same transaction (not even billed the same amount).

    We had to call them three times to rectify.

    We were made to feel like criminals not valued customers (typical of large corporates).

    They refused to call us back after us asking them!!!

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  • Ll
    ll2014 Dec 05, 2014

    How did you get the charges fixed. This just happened to us, we just looked at our bill we have 21 charges at $12.99 each totally $277.00 and they are all for porn, which we didn't order.We have called a million different phone numbers and nobody can help us.

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  • Jo
    Joe Harlin Jun 03, 2016

    I've tried and tried to get a second DVR from Cox but they refuse saying since I don't subscribe to all their services I'm only entitled to 1. So I purchased one my self, the same make and model as the one I have from Cox. When I went to install it, I received a code saying it had to be registered with my cable provider. I called Cox and after a while the Cox help desk told me that since I didn't get my DVR from them I could not use it.

    How in the world do they have the right to refuse me service for something I bought. What's next if you don't buy their TVs you can't watch shows on their network. Maybe next it will be computers on their internet. Thank goodness they haven't figured out how to stop Vonage routers from working.

    What's the difference between a DVR and a video recorder?

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