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Hi Im Marwilliam O Moral. I want to cancel the subcription and have refund on my account. I didnt expect the charge to be 120 dollar. Since it was clear that charges will happen every month. Im worried about the money because the email i registered in wasnt valid. Im asking for a favor, if u could only do something to refund the money i paid. Pls it wasnt my money, it was my parents card i used to registered in. They also did expect the same thing to happen. We are confused on why it happened. Im just looking for a resources and decided to get the annual plan bec it would cost mo 10 dollar only per month in a year i didnt know that u would charged the twetve month in one payment. It wasnt a good negotiation technique tho, i dont want to tell it this way but ur fooling us in that way. I dont call it a scam but pls i just want to have my money back, my parents money. They worked hard for it, i dont want that to put into wastr. Pls reach me through my gmail [protected]

Course Hero

Oct 09, 2019

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