Cougarkisscougar lifestyle dating review


If you’re like me and you’re 55-year-old female recently widowed and you’re looking for a young buck 25-year-old man for some discreet sexual innuendos then you now have a new place to go and check out – Whether you are a cougar (older woman looking for a young stud) or a cub (a young 20′s man looking for a female equivalent of a sugar daddy then this site is for you.

I was originally looking to be a cougar, but I just couldn’t find what I needed in the men that are my age. Most had impotence issues and have lots of baggage which I do not need at this stage in my life. Most of them are also very set in their ways and will not change to meet my needs. I would rather have someone younger that I can mold them into what I want them to become.

Besides, who wants a wrinkly old man when you can have a buff 20-year-old that will do everything the older man could and tons more? Wouldn’t you rather have someone that actually sexually arouses you? I just don’t see old men as being sexually arousing anymore – matter fact I don’t think I ever did. I like hard, lean bodies and when I do want sex I want it on my terms and when I want it and how I want it.

The young 20 year olds (cubs or tadpoles) which is what I usually prefer are plentiful if you have the cash. Just like young gold digger women these cubs like to be wined and dined and they will ask you for money, jobs (if you or your spouse own a business or a high executive position), etc. Just look at Hulk Hogan’s wife and her young cub. She pays for him to take vacations all over the world with his friends.

cougar lifestyle dating review

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