Couchsurfing Internationalcouchsurfing verifying hidden costs

I was travelling with my family in France. As we had limited resources for our travel i tried to look for accomodation using platform Couchserfing. As i am new in this system i wanted to get verifiied to increase potentiality of hosting us. I preesed button verify me by my bank account. Was thinking its usual verification of account. Then i was informed that my account was charged for 52 euro what is some amount as my monthly income is about 1000 euro for 4 persons, ne and 3 of my children! I got furious. I contacted couchsurfing service to get refound. I was promised to get my money back in 5-10!!! work days. It was on 25 october. Now is 8 november and i didnt get this money. I wrote again and again to them and didnt get any response. I cant afford calling US. On my account is only 50 euro now and this another fckin 50 euro means something to me.

Its robbery. I dont agree for something like that.

Nov 08, 2019

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