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Cosmetyn Intense Anti-Cellulite CreamFailure to uphold 21 free trial

Routine banking trip (04/04/09) revealed attempt to subtract $89.95 from checking acct. by "Cosmetyn", per bank teller report. Received product in mail less than 1 week prior to bank trip and had not tried product for 21 days to assess outcome. When I called Customer Service attendant who identified herself as "Kathy" at approx. 12:30pm on 04/04/09, she informed me that the order had been placed on 03/12/09 and that meant the 21-day free trial was over and charges for the product were being attached b/c no complaint of dissatisfaction had been received within the 21 days. My attempts to explain to "Kathy" (who's primary language was definately not English) that I had only had the product for about 6 days and it had just arrived last week, and I hadn't had sufficient time to assess the outcome of the product, "Kathy" continued to repeat that since the product was ordered on the 12th of March, it had been 21 days. Several attempts were made to re-explain the situation and these attempts were met w/the same pre-scripted responses without resolution of the problem. This is unacceptable and I want the attempt to collect $89.95 from my checking acct. to cease and decist at immediately! My disatisfaction of the product stems from only having it in my possession for 6 days and the highly unethical business practices of the Natural Source Store or "Cosmetin" industries. Since they are in the business together I hold both companies responsible for not providing 21 days in which to utilize the product before satisfaction can be determined. It is not the fault of the consumer that it took almost 14 days for the product to be delivered! I paid for S&H, the company can keep a record by the tracking number, when exactly the product was delivered and start the "21 day free-trial" on the date of delivery - not the order date.

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