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Fakhr Alkhairy
Posted: 2007-12-14 by Prof. Dr. Fakhr Alkhairy [send email]
ProF.Fakhr Alkhairy
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Prof. Dr.Fakhr Alkhairy

asrar shaikh was under my care for facial rejuvenation. He had mini-facelift couple of years ago. He was happy with the result. Then he asked me for rhinoplasty because he was happy with the mini facelift. He opted for rhinoplasty. If he had any doubt about my surgical skill he would not have asked for rhinoplasty. There was a big gap between the two operations. Mini facelift usually lasts for a year. He turned back for further enhancement. His full facelift including skin, SMAS stretch and liposuction of the face was done. No major complication was observed. Even the commonest complication "Haematoma" was not observed in his case. Scar was well involuted. No skin necrosis and no nerve injury were noticed. After his first surgery he used to oblige me with fresh fish because his profession was related to fishery. In fact once or twice he supplied himself cooked fish which was very delicious. This fisherman actually trapped me in the sense that I was compelled not to charge him for my actual professional fee. In fact his second major surgery was done with meager amount of money, which covered hardly the hospital and medicinal charges. His two subsequent minor surgical procedures were done without any charge. He was never charged for follow-ups. The greatest mistake on my part was not to charge him because he bribed me with few kilos of fresh fish. ( The total cost may not be more than three thousand rupee ) If I had charged him probably he would have valued it very much. This phenomenon is common in cosmetic surgery.

If a person who comes for facial rejuvenation in middle & late fifties particularly in this part of the world one can very well visualize what aesthetic deficiencies a person may have. Usually they require Blepharoplasty, facelift, Forehead lift, and neck lift. They can all be done in one stage or in different stages. Some people have prominent aging signs in upper part of the face and some may have in lower part of the face. There are many where aging signs are all over the face. Liposuction of the neck and face is an added procedure to further enhance the aesthetic result, which may or may not be required. Depending on the patient’s requirement and self-consciousness a surgeon plans to achieve the desirous result. In Asrar case Facelift, neck lift, Bleparoplasty and nose job were done in different stages. Many of these patients who come to plastic surgeons have self-consciousness of aging (Disproportionate anatomy). Which may be mild or deeply rooted depending on the lifestyle and personality. Induction of self-consciousness is caused either by the natural process of self-comparison with the appearances of others or comparing own different photographs of different ages or by the experience of others criticizing the abnormally appearing feature. (David Harris 1987) Once the self-consciousness is inducted the patient develops a defensive mechanism or adapts corrective methods. Defensive mechanism leads to Camouflage technique (such as applying cosmetic, or hiding the defects with hair style or cloths), restriction to the patient’s lifestyle (Occupational, social, domestic, and recreational) and artificial pattern of behavior. The corrective method brings him to a surgeon for surgical correction. The difficulty arises when there is conflicting concept of success. As evidenced by research finding, patients with slight defects tend to assess these defects as being more conspicuous than they are. Such patients are also apt to be the most demanding (Macgregor 1967) additionally, the smaller the defect that troubles the patients, the more likely he is to focus on minute details and post operatively to magnify any residual imperfection. Cursory, consultation with such patients seldom exposes their underlying motives. In case of any complaint on the part of such patients require realistic evaluation by the psychiatrist as well as a group of Plastic Surgeons for objective assessment without being subjectively biased. Overall most of the people who seek cosmetic surgery suffer from Somato-psychic problems.

Being the President of Pakistan Association of Plastic Surgeons I would like to constitute a Medical Board comprising two psychiatrists and four plastic surgeons of this country for objective assessment and evaluation on this patient.

At present he has two very small areas which are lumpy and required infiltration of Kenacort. I already gave him a shot, which reduced his lump, which he admitted on the phone. This is something, which is one of the known sequels of liposuction if not managed properly. Small bore cannula for liposuction and compression of the area for couple of weeks is the key to avoid this known complication. On very second day he came in his Pajero Jeep without suspension & without facial support and took out his dressings at home by himself. He was so obsessed that he wanted to see the result on the very second day of surgery, which is far from the truth in aesthetic plastic surgery. His compliance as a patient was very poor. Generally the compliance in male is poor in facial surgery because of two reasons. They are outgoing as compared to female particularly in this part of the world and they have to use shaver, or blade for shaving. Facial support in liposuction of the neck area is essential to minimize contour defects. All my patients who have undergone this procedure had very good compliance even some of the celebrities in showbiz such as “Nighat Choudhry” never had any such complication. asrar shaikh has not the slightest idea about Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in this region. He does not know that a patient expired during face lifting in this very city in a well-known hospital. One of the elite trained plastic surgeons was involved in it. He does not know that many patients were crippled because of facial nerve injuries in facelift operations in this region.

After a lapse of many months his preoperative and postoperative Photographs were compared. There was a significant improvement in his appearance. I wish to paste these photograph for the viewers on website. Viewer can also watch other videos, on facelift done by me.
His entry to my clinic was deliberately banned because he started coming to my clinic without appointment, which was very disturbing for me and for my patients. Since he was never charged for follow-ups so he took the advantage of it. In his last procedure he promised in front of my theatre staff to provide me “ Jumbo Prawn “ as a fee for the operation, which he never did because his fishing boat already sank into the sea. His entry to my clinic was also banned so that he should come out of the vicious cycle of “Obsessive Neurosis” which he definitely suffers from.

His lifestyle tells me that he is a disturbed man. Lives alone, unmarried, ” Basically Sharif “spends most of the time at home, and doing renovation all the time. It looks as if he is waiting to receive some one. Very few friends. (Related to FIA) His profession is related to fishery. Recently his fishing boat sank in the sea while fishing. He tried several times to recover the boat from the sea bottom but disappointed. While touring London he had some grievances (regarding camera) with someone and lodged complaints with London Police and spent more money than what he wanted to recover He told this story to me. He scanned hundreds of present and ten to fifteen years old pictures for comparison. He sent me many photographs in mail and some were shaded deliberately to highlight his point of view. His aging process is more rapid than a normal person. He is in late fifties and wishes to get married according to one of his companions. In fact his companion proposed my beautiful receptionist for him after his first operation i.e. mini-face-lift. This simple fact shows his confidence building and trust in himself after face-lift. His opinion about his own face changes rapidly. What looks good today becomes bad in a couple of weeks and what look bad becomes good in short span of time.

In one of his letters he wrote me “In the end I request U to think over the matter seriously and tell me what I should do. I am determined to get it corrected from anywhere. Better if U do it seriously as it is your responsibility ethically and according to your professional norms and it is my preference to get it corrected by you.”

This is a typical love and hate story. Several times I told him to take second opinion from someone who is tuned to this type of surgery. He is advising me to follow ethics but he does not follow the ethics of business.

I am ready to take him back provided he should abide the rules of the games. He should take the appointment first before he lands in my clinic. He should follow instructions strictly. He should provide “Jumbo Prawn “as a fee of my last surgery which will cover the hospital expenses only. This is his way of paying surgeon & hospital’s fee. Over all he is my patient. I will always like him to feel good. The entire exercise of these operations is to reduce the self-consciousness and meet the mind image of the aesthetic candidate. Basically his minor imperfection even if corrected is not the real issue. His issues are others, deep rooted, which compels him for repeated surgery for further enhancement. Here they do not understand the limits of aesthetic plastic surgery. They keep on pushing the surgeons to make them more beautiful. They think that face beauty is the only thing, which can solve their social problems. Most of these who come in this category have a very few other potentials for attraction. Most of this patient requires thorough counseling. Surgeons have to stop this ongoing process at certain level to minimize their miseries whether the surgery is paid or unpaid. I have showed him a video of actual operative procedure of one of my patients so that he understands the surgical limits of removal of excessive redundant skin and SMAS and how this operation is done. But somehow he believes that enough skin was not removed. Why he thinks so I do not understand. At the moment he has no redundant skin on his face to be removed. But I am sure if he keeps on coming to me eventually he will ask me to remove more skin from his face. This is typical of his approach. He keeps on lingering the insignificant minor issue until he finds some loosening of skin and ask the surgeon for surgical correction. At that moment he gives less stress to any minor issue and get corrected other things without paying any penny. Either he is very shroud or has deep rooted problem. His aging process is accelerated one there is no doubt in it but not to this extend that he keeps on pushing the surgeon for skin removal again and again. There is no need of it for a couple of years. I have never motivated him for any surgery. My professional approach was most scientific and most modern. I am enclosing his postoperative photographs for evaluation

Facial rejuvenation can turn the clock back for the time being but aging continues. One cannot beat aging permanently and cosmetic surgery is not the solution of all social problems. Cosmetic Surgery is not even hundred percent. It does not ensure hundred percent perfection. Realistic expectation with stable personality without much social pressure is prerequisite for Aesthetic candidate for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. I do not think asrar fits in these criteria.
Prof. Fakhr Alkhairy M.D., F.I.C.S., F.A.C.S.Specialist
Certification in Plastic Surgery (Belgium)
Formerly Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery
Dow Medical College Karachi.
Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Cosmetic Surgery Centers, Alkhairys Hospital, Taj Medical Complex & Karachi Adventists Hospital.,
Formerly National Secretary of the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery,
Faculty Member for Aesthetic Surgery for Postgraduates (Bombay Hospital) International Academy for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Member Editorial Board, representing Asia, International Journal of Cosmetic Surgery

President Pakistan Association of Plastic Surgeons

References: -
1- Cosmetic Facial Surgery (1973)
Thomas D. Rees, M.D., F.A.C.S
Donald Wood-Smith. M.D., F.RC.S (Ed)
2- Transaction 9th International Congress of Plastic (IPRAS-1987) And Reconstructive Surgery- page 476
David Harris. M.S. F.R.C.S.
3- Macgregor F.C.: Social and cultural components in
The motivation of persons seeking plastic surgery of the nose J. Health. Soc. Behav, 8:125-135, 1967


  • As
    Asrar Shaikh Nov 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This surgeon is a big liar and imposter. He was summoned to appear before a committee of medical and dental council to explain his position regarding my complaint but he skipped away and later put the lame excuse that since the vanue was changed, he thought that the meeting was postponed. The surgeon was unable to understand the meaning of CHANGE OF VENUE and he calls himself a highly educated person of the society. Look at his credentials and look what his standard and level of knowledge is. Actually he is not in a position to face as he knows he is a liar but his egoist nature would not let him accept his misdoings tiil he has been braought to the book.

    0 Votes
  • Za
    Zahid Junaid Mar 20, 2010

    Mr. Asrar Sheikh, On the contrary, it appears that you have lost all sense of decency and logic. Whereas Professor Alkhairy has explained everything very professionally, you appear to be out for name calling and black mailing. You obviously have had several operation under him and must have been satisfied to go to him.
    You cannot prove your point by saying that he did not appear before PM&DC committee as the venue had changed (this appears to be the only proof you have got). Please tell us:
    Does he not hold a degree by a College of Surgeons to practice plastic surgery?
    Has he not received training by plastic surgeons?
    Did he not do what is considered standard, acceptable operation on you?
    Did you go to him or he picked you up from street?

    I am absolutely shocked to hear that your friend proposed his secretary for marriage on your behalf. This is height of sexual harassment. If poor girl is doing a job for earning rizq e halal for her family, how dare you behave in such a manner? This is an example of your mentality.

    I think that Professor Alkhairy should lodge a case against you for damaging his reputation. It is unfortunately only in this country that black mailers like you are left free to insult highly educated persons like him.

    0 Votes
  • As
    Asrar Shaikh Mar 31, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It was known that The Surgeon named Fakhr Alkhairy expired about a year back and i gussed the So Called cosmetic center will be evantually closed as there was non to carry on. Things loog good from far away but when u experience it urself the picture is mostly different. I am the Victim of that So Called greedy surgeon and he even did not spare me though calling me his friend. For a mild Nasalobial lines I approached him and he suggested a number of extra procedures like chin liposuction and eyelid surgery. The result was awful as there was not a slightest change in nasalobial lines and the finelines in the eyecircles remained the same way. Yes all he did shortened my upper eyelid resulting in minimizing my eye openings, and also an uneven chin as he removed excessive fat causing depresiion right over the throat bine which exposed the sharp point of the throat bone which looks ugly even after many years. This all he did in greed to grab more money which was not needed and my chin was quite good looking and normal and had very attractive eyes.
    After some time when the swelling subsided i saw all this and lodged a protest and on this he said the nasalobial lines could not go cos fat was not removed from that place and in next procedure he will remove some fat and go for another facelift which will do the job. Again he charged me handsome amount and removed fat from the under eyebone area and asked me to come back after 8 weeks. Awful lines of thick needle appeared over the face which he said will disappear after 8 weeks which didn`t. A facelift was then done but of no use a number of lines ups and downs appeared even after the surgery.
    On my cmplaint he said that excess fat has been removed my mistake and he filled fat in those depression areas but it did not last and then he suggested a muscle tightening surgery and according to him it would fix all the discrepiencies and once again I paid him and that cheater pulled the muscles from jawline and placed in the middle of chin making a big hump on both sides of cheeks and above those bumps the badly looking depressions remained unchanged. As usual he said thet the things will become normal when the swelling subsides but it was even worst as he disfigured whole my face and left not a single inch smooth on my face. A complaint was lodged with the Authorities who took about 2 years to hold a meeting and on the day of hearing this Big cheater abstained as he could not face in person. He always denied my charges on coplaint boards and other web sites but never accepted my challenge to sit with me face to face in the presence of some other surgeons and let them decide who is wrong but he never accepted my challenge. Now he has gone to the Eternal life where everyone has to answer his misdoings, where no one has any previlage, and any influence but only the deeds, good or bad are the basis of peace or punishment of the souls. In a normal way I may have pardoned him only if the money was involved but here i am living with a disfigured face humps and depressions all over face and chin split into 2 pieces and it is a continous torture for me. Allah will no take my Hisab(accout) and I will hold him from his collar for what ever he has done to me on the cost of huge amounts.
    It seems that some decendents are still running his center using his name and to them I ask if they have any regard for him and do they believe in the day of judgemnt if yes then they should try to shed out his burden so that his soul may rest in peace.
    On the whole I maay say that he was a mini surgeon only doing breast or liposuction from tummy and not a full fledged cosmetic surgeon. I have my pics and hope to post it afater and before to proove his blunders.

    0 Votes
  • As
    Asrar Shaikh Mar 31, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Mr Zahid junaid! Since ur face has not been destroyed and disfigured u cant feel the pain. U can be impressed with his so called degrees as i did but what is inside a man, a human or a devil, no one knows. It is quite absurd that my friend proposed her receptionist but contrary to it in fact the Surgeon alwaays asked me when ever i was proceeding on a trip to Europe, to take any of her girls for company abroad which i never agreed. he always laughed at me as to why I go for a trip without agirl so mind it, things are not waht he tried to paste it.Now he is dead and as a muslim I can not talk lies against a dead man but since theses are the real bare facts I feel no guilt to speak truth.

    0 Votes
  • As
    Asrar Shaikh Mar 31, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    and yes one thing if my friend had done this by proposing her secratery she could be a lucky person as i remeber she was only 4 1/2 feet girl and no maatch for me.

    0 Votes
  • Za
    Zahid Junaid Apr 10, 2010

    Even then she deserves respect.

    What I am saying is that everyone deserves respect.
    If you think a 4 1/2 ft girl should feel lucky and happy to be proposed by someone while she is honestly trying to earn bread and butter for her family, then I feel sorry for your way of thinking.

    And please tell me. Anyone who feels aggrieved by a doctor is entitled to say and write anything about him? No need to have an expert opinion to find if what you expect as a layman may be flawed? No proof required?

    I read that it has been a long time since you filed your complaint in PMDC. Have those experts agreed with you and suspended registration of Dr. Al Kairy?

    What I wrote was that he has done best training reuired to practice plastic surgery, he has the highest degree available in plastic surgery, he has no personal enemity against you, and you kept going to him asking him to perform one operation after another. You must gave some reason to have faith on him?

    Writing against doctors has become a national habit. If someone dies, we damage the hospital and beat doctors as if they have a responsibility not to let anyone die. Newspapers and Electronic media write and say "Doctors ki ghaflat say mareez mer gaya". How can a layman or a reporter pass such a judgement? Such a thing and the claim that you made can be said only after a thorough enuiry.

    0 Votes
  • As
    Asrar Shaikh Apr 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    NO its not the fact i was going to him withoutb a reason and filling his pocket, no one is that fool but it was his develish circle from which i could not get out as each time he left a new defect so had to go to him and pay for removal of his planted defects. Yes I say on oath that the PMDC in the meeting agreed that my face was badly disfigured but they said that it was my duty to select a competent surgeon. As usual the bunch of doctors favoured the fellow doctor and u saw it in a recent incident where a patient died due to wrong injection and on protest docs beatenup not only the relatives of deseasec but also the media people . So i was not expecting any justice from pmdc but was doing this to expose him so i did. It seems u are very impressed with his credentials but Allah has punished him here in this world as his only male decendent, his son became a heroine addict and remained in jail for several years. As for as the matter of the girl I said I dont know about that matter quoted by the liar surgeon . I wish u happen to go under the knife of such a mischivious surgeon and get ur face disfigured and then i will see how patience and respect u give to that doc.

    0 Votes

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