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Correctional Billing Svcs/EvercomCredit Card Prepay Scam

I have been pre-paying my cell phone with a credit card in order to talk to my son who has been transferred to several facilities who all go thru different phone companies for inmate calls. Not only does Evercom have the highest outrageous rates but I recently found when paying by credit card that not only are you paying their $6.95 fee, they also take $1 which I learned when I had just enough on my cc for the $56.95 but when it would not go thru I checked my balance & found all of these $1 fees with a phone number which I called & it was the service which takes payments for Evercom/CBS. They gave me a stupid explanation for the fee but said they credit back but so far going back 2-mos this has not happened. So be aware, not only are you paying their outrageous rates & fees but they also scam even more even though $1 isnt much when they do it 5 or 6 times a month it adds up & there is nothing we can do if we want to communicate with our loved ones which I thing sucks!


  • Tr
    Truthseeker May 02, 2009

    As well this is a monopoly and illegal and the US government needs to step in and stop it and reimburse everyone that has been ripped off and evercom should be fined as well.

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  • La
    latricenorfleet Apr 20, 2010

    not only that they dont tell u that u can go over your limt also i hate evercom they dont let u no any thing at all untell u find out about it your self

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