Copartcar scam

I bought a BMW car from Copart and it arrived in poor condiction, not starting engine and all flooring was stolen. I called them to lodged complaints and they came to pick when I said I do not want it, they promised to re-list it. I got £200 offer for the car I bought for £650. I rejected the offer and they said they will re-list again, the next offer was £160 and Copart started calculating their services delivery on the car in tune of £160, they finally took the car from me with no money refunded

The second time, I bid for £100 car and later cancelled it. They still went ahead to put the car through, I contacted them on the 26th about the car and told them I will be travelling for a week and will come and make payment for the car on my return. I came back on the 7th and make payment of £250 because they increase the money and call them for the car. I was told the car is gone and my money is gone. I am struggling to earn my daily, how can I save up for the car and pay and was told the money is gone.

I need my refund, help me to get my refund

Oct 10, 2019

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