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Coolray & Mr. Plumber Unauthorized billing

My A/C stopped working, so I searched the net and located AirCool, a local A/C repair shop in Houston, TX. A technician by the name of Lloyd came to ### how much he was going to rip me off. He looked at the compressor and said it was 'bypassing', then hooked-up his gauges to it and said it was normal. Then he said I bet your evaporator coil is dirty, causing a freeze. When he looked at the evaporator coil, it was clean on both sides. Then he said it needed to be replaced since tubes may be clogged. I said how much is this going to $$$$. Then he gave me an appropriate answer somewhere around $1300 to $1500 somewhere around there. I said well, try to keep it under a grand.

He then turned on the outside unit and was making a squealing noise, and he said that the compressor was bad, an needed to be replaced, since it was bypassing and his gauges just confirmed that with a spike he did not notice before. He said that we should replace the compressor since its still under warranty. I said great!, They got everything hooked-up and running. I got the bill and was shocked at the price, $958.00 for a warranty job. $350 dollars for freon, $550 dollars for labor, $28 dollars for a filter, and $70.00 for the actual part that needed to be replaced. Now the A/C line coming from my compressor is frozen, and I can't get them to come back and fix-it, even though their receipt says 30 day warranty on work.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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