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Coolicoolunethical behaviour / breach of contract

I purchased a phone from Coolicool back in Nov 2017 (order number [protected])

Received the phone a month later (typically shipping). From the first time I turned it on, the phone didn't work properly.

When I purchased phone, Coolicool had a returned policy stating you could receive a refund if issue reporting in 15-days.

I reported the issue 14 days after I received phone. Coolicool said they couldn't provide a refund - they could only repair it.

After shipping phone back to them, their "Technical Team" could find the fault. It took them just over 6 weeks to find the fault I observed on the phone every hour.

It took them another 4- weeks to "repair" the phone and ship it back to me.

When I sent it to Coolicool, it did power on and worked for a time until the screen stopped responding to touches. The "repaired" phone is dead - it doesn't come on at all (no lights or haptic buzz with I plug in a charger).

I could have gotten a better repair by finding a 3-year child, putting this phone in one hand and a rock in the other.

How does a "Technical Team" send out a dead phone that they've "repaired"?

I've spent the last 14 weeks talking to no less than 3 "customer service" people (no service to be had here), they have all said the same thing:

"We cannot provide you with a refund, your options are 1) keep the phone (paper weight) and we will give you a $20 voucher to spend on our website OR 2) send the phone back (AGAIN) and we will send you a used phone"

You can tell when someone wants to avoid facts. I've asked all people involved the same question:

"If YOU bought something new (for $300) that was broken, would accept a $20 gift voucher (and keep the broken item) OR accept a used item instead?"

No one from Coolicool has answered this question yet. This is a far cry from a company that claims it has "stellar customer service"

After admitting that I should have received a refund when I requested it more than 8 months ago and making the mistake of fixing (breaking) the phone I purchased, Coolicool still refuses to refund my money (after 9 months) - #Onlinetheives

If you thinking of purchasing anything from Coolicool, you would be better served if you went to the ATM, withdrew the cash, set the money on fire and toasted a piece of bread - at least you'll have a piece of toast.

Avoid this company at all cost.

unethical behaviour / breach of contract

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    Coolicoolfaulty product

    My order no [protected]

    Umidigi A1 pro phone with the above order number is faulty explained and video sent non of the agent replied appropriately
    Phone volume up key is not functioning

    I have been contacting for more than 10 days

    Very disappointed have tried for the first time poor customer service

    Usually I shop with gear best great customer support

    faulty product

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      Coolicoolmobile phone

      Worst ever company which sells garbage stuff. You will probably get the phone you buy and maybe even on time but pray to heaven that nothing happens to it because if it will then brace for high blood pressure, anger, frustration etc etc. As I found out when the phone I bought went dead after a couple of months. They have only one email address and they ask you to send them email but its just crap. You will get a reply from them after weeks and it will be completely irrelevant to what you will be asking them to do. Basically you pay for phone and then its yours, they will not cover any warranty for phone.
      They are a fraud please dont buy from them. Hand on heart, its a genuine review as I suffered sooo much from their hands.
      Order number: [protected]

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        Apr 07, 2018

        Coolicool — the phone never came / any response from customer. service

        I order a phone in February 2018. Two days after I purchased the phone an email they sent me said the payment...

        Coolicoolle eco le max 2 phone faulty — orders detail #[protected] — 22/2/2018

        Hullo, first I would like to thank you for prompt delivery and careful mail packaging of the Mobile phone I received today, very good.
        There is a major problem with the phone ability to to send voice sound to another phone while making the call.
        - The person on the other end of the call only hears the sound of "rushing air" in normal phone call mode but when the external speakers or ear buds are attached the sound is great.
        - I have tried all settings applicable to phone speaker sound but there is no improvement.
        - Could you please come up with a suitable remedy for this problem, I'm sorry to have to report this to you.
        I don't think photos are needed because the phone is brand new and not at all damaged.
        Regards Ross England

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          I am here to warn everyone to stay away from this terrible service. This company is a joke.
          Most of their products are out of stock, but when it comes to charges, they will be the first. They will never tell you whether an item is in stock or not, they will just take your money.
          If I hadn't checked my order status I would still have been sitting and waiting for something that would never arrive. So typical fo scammers...

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            Coolicooldefective cell phone for orders detail #[protected]

            For the order #[protected], the phone is dead just after 6-7 months of normal usage. Highly defective faulty handset shipped by seller. The phone doesn't charge at all.. There has been no physical damage done to the phone and its always been plugged to voltage stabiliser while charging.
            Please replace the phone or I will take strict legal action against the seller

            Thanks and regards

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              Coolicoolmobile phone warranty

              I purchased a phone from Coolicool that developed a problem with the screen (Dead pixels). I went online to see if it was software related and lots of people had the same fault and had returned to the manufacturer for a repair under warranty. I contacted Coolicool and they requested a video to assess the problem. After receiving the video they offered my $15 compensation which I refused as this would not cover the cost of repair. They then made the following offer.
              “Dear customer, You can send it back, then we can fix it, is that OK for you?”
              Since I was required to send the product back to China at my cost and I know the customs can be difficult, I looked into returning the phone to the manufacturer but when I asked Coolicool if this was ok, they responded that I must send back to them to be repaired. It cost £20 to return the phone and after 5 weeks they inform me it is my fault the screen is not working and therefore not covered under warranty “Problem is man-made). Keep in mind the phone is in perfect condition, not a single mark, so somehow I have caused dead pixels on the inside of the phone without cracking or marking the outside and all the other people that have the same fault must also be damaging their phones via magic also. This is a total con. I paid for the phone, I paid to return it and Coolicool after them seeing the video of the fault, offering my compensation and then saying they would fix it and now they are asking for £75 to fix it. The phone only cost a little over £100. So right now I have nothing and I am £130 out of pocket. Plus, I believe they would not let me send it back to the manufacturer because it is a fake, given the behaviour I can only assume this is the case. I requested they send it for an independent review but obviously they have no intentions of doing this as it would clearly rule in my favour. Also, the phone has not been returned either. So I am out of pocket for the cost of the phone, cost of returning the item and they will not fix or return the item. You would think this would be illegal but you have no rights dealing with a company like this in China.
              So be very wary of this company. They are looking to con you at every opportunity.

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                Coolicool.comRefused to fix or replace defective phone

                CooliCool is a scam and they are not to be trusted!
                I bought a smartphone from their store and also I paid extra money for warranty. I received my phone and it didn't seem like there was anything wrong with it, it worked pretty fine, but only for two months.
                Then it broke and I contacted CooliCool and asked them to fix it, but they asked me to pay for the repair service. I told them that I had a warranty, but they replied that I could not use that in my case. I demanded some reasonable explanation but received no reply.
                These people are cheaters! They sold me a defective phone, and refused to fix or replace that. These people are ready to work only for money, they don't honor their own promises. Stay away!

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                  Coolicool.comElephone p8000 smartphone

                  I originally ordered, in good faith, an Elephone P8000 smartphone which was shipped out to me on June 21 2016.
                  I received this item on July 31, 2016, but there was some problem with the unit, it would not detect any networks so I was unable to make any connections.

                  After contacting you for advice, I returned the item to you for repair on August 8 2016, at my cost of C$56.90. I was told not to worry, the cost would be reimbursed.(Amber)
                  As per your email, you received the phone back on October 11 2016, and it was returned, supposedly fixed, on November 18 2016
                  It still would not detect any networks, and when I asked for reimbursement of my costs, I was offered a $10 coupon.
                  After sending pictures of the screens (your request), I was then offered a used phone as compensation.
                  On December 25 2016 you again offered a used phone.
                  On December 26 2016 I received an email saying that since I had had the phone more than the 15 day return/refund period, I was no longer eligible for a return/refund. Of course, because the phone was in transit almost this entire time going back and forth and I didn't get any chance to use it, but I'm getting penalized by allowing the 15 day return period to pass. A joke right? At the same time I am offered either A: $15 or B: a used phone VK77X
                  On January 4 2017 I accepted the offer of the used phone, even though I protested that I had paid for a superior product brand new Elephone P8000
                  On January 5 2017, I provided you with my name, address, phone number etc.
                  On January 7 2017, I was asked by your representative Necola if I would be interested in leaving a favourable comment on your website.
                  I considered this to be the ultimate insult considering what had been going on for so long.
                  On January 13 2017 I was advised by Necola that my order had been shipped on January 12 2017.
                  I was provided with tracking information on January 30 3027.
                  By February 22 2017 I had not yet received any delivery, so I contacted you again and was told by Nicola that they would contact the carrier for information.. Then on March 5 2017 I was advised that here was some kind of problem tracking the shipment with the carrier.
                  Finally, on March 10 2017, I received the replacement, consolation phone, the VK700X.
                  I want to point out a couple of things that I'm not happy about.
                  In total, from the day I first ordered the Elephone P8000, a total of 262 days passed by.
                  Your promise of reimbursement for the cost of returning the phone for repair was ultimately broken and not honored. To ask for a favorable comment on your website in the midst of all this turmoil was a slap in the face.
                  I want to lodge the strongest of complaints against your company. I am EXTREMELY DISSATISFIED with the service I received. I feel your customer service could use a whole lot of improvement.
                  Although I had previously considered your firm to be my go to company for electronic products, I will no longer be doing any business with you, and in fact, I will make it my business to actively advise as many people as I can not to do business with you either.
                  In closing, I want to make it abundantly clear that I am not happy with the service I received. I am not happy about being lied to. And I am not happy about being basically cornered into accepting a product I had not ordered in spite of the fact that I paid the full price for a completely different product.
                  I hope the right people in management get hold of this and do something to correct some of the issues I have raised.

                  Yours in disgust

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                    • Updated by Howard0178 · Mar 15, 2017

                      Mar 13 (2 days ago)
                      New coupon offer !! Mar 15 2017
                      They think that this will solve all their problems
                      to me
                      HI there,
                      Sorry for the problem.
                      There must be deliver mistake on deliver way, we really send you the phone.
                      How about we give you 40USD coupon for you to buy a new one?
                      What do you think?Hope your reply.

                    CoolicoolDamaged phone

                    I would not recommend CooliCool to anyone. I received my phone in a terrible condition, it was damaged and ad a huge crack on the screen. I contacted these guys and demanded a full refund. They tried to play jokes with me and said that when my phone left the store it was ok. They said that it was not their fault and said that I need to contact the shipping company. I refused and said that I need my money back now, but these scammers stopped replying! I don't know how, but I will get my money back!

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                      Coolicool — Fraudsters!

                      Never buy anything from Coolicool!! I have purchased a phone from this company and paid for it. They took my...


                      Coolicool - Website — Fake / Duplicate Product Delivered

                      Respected Authority, my email id:- [protected]@gmail.com My order no: - “[protected]” - And I'm going to...

                      www.coolicool.comThey sell phones, which are out of stock

                      I bought phone from the company www.coolicool.com. It seemed to be really great, but after I placed the order and paid for it, the seller informed me that my order was out of stock. After that I heard blah-blah and promises that within 3 weeks I would get the phone, but it was big lie. They are liars and scammers, and I want to find other deceived customers, who lost money. Please we need to stop this company and return our money. Post your comments.

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                        • Za
                          ZarkoGr Dec 03, 2014

                          This suggest that possibly I will also go worser than even now I expected. My case: Week ago I bought Umi Zero from spanish es.coolicool.com site and offer had clock included that was downcounting time upon which depends time of shipping (clock was on european time). According to this clock I made payment 4 hours before deadline and got confirmation mail about it. But loging day after to see status of order I noticed that they registered it as day later so shippment is also moved month later. On complaint email that I send, some person named Grace replied me that by chinese time I made payment after deadline. Naturally, my respond was that it was their site and their clock and that this time is offical. After that there are no word from them.

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                        • Hi
                          himzz Jul 05, 2015

                          i bought a phone from coolicool then i ask for refund because according to new goverment policy customs was high bymistake while paying at time of paying from paypal i add the wrong email id so i have to close that account and make a new one while asking for refund i mentioned that please pay to my correct email address that previous wrong account doesn"t exist anymore.but they refund to that account and on paypal if the money u pay to account is not present the money is reversed back to account of payee so it goes back to their account i talked to paypal customer care they are saying same that the money is reversed back to coolicool account but coolicool are like dumbs they send me the screenshot of thier paypal account in which showing reversed and reversal was completed in 2 july but even after seeing their own account they say payment is sucessfully transfered. they are litrelly theives don"t but anything from them u will regret of u buy


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                        Coolicool.com — I think that my order was never shipped

                        I bought phone from www.coolicool.com. I was really impressed that the website had only positive reviews, but...

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