Contactthem.comDucharme's latest scam


Yippee everyone, its finally here! Ripoffgu...sorry, "freeadguru" Stephan Ducharme - you know him, he's the man with just about the worst reputation on the internet - has his new amazing site up and running - right from the get-go its scam scam scam as he promises free leads which turn out to cost $97 a MONTH!

I've bought stuff from this guy before, when I didn't know he was a con man. His e-book "how to get 1 million visitors to your site" has had tons of reviews saying it is over-hyped trash with nothing new in it. His "my affiliate finder" software spams newsgroups and never gets you any hits on your site anyway.

And to cap it all, they don't do refunds. There are posts everywhere on the net about refund requests being ignored (I got mine direct from click bank though!).

They also phone you shortly after you order something and put on a very hard sell which results in you handing over credit card info and $1000's in some cases. I somehow got tricked into giving them $1005. When I realised it was all a big con I rang them and for a week they dragged out giving me a refund without actually saying no, so I gave up and got Mastercard on to it. Thankfully a month later they got me a refund of the full amount. But obviously others won't have been so fortunate.

So, DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT get involved with this new site he has. But do look at it for your own amusement as its just the same old BS promising the moon on a stick. :rolleyes:

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