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H Mar 07, 2017

Brandon Rimes is a new day con artist in my opinion. I was his partner and seen what kind of business he does. He doesn't pay many employees or paid our contract. My company had a one year contract and he paid two weeks. He went behind my back and tried to push me out of a business I invented.

There is so much going on with this guy. He lies to clients about his radio show popularity and reach. He doesn't have 80 show partners. Its 20 that come on the show. I was there when they were trying to say they had 500, 000 listners. The report I was given shows under 5000 in all of tampa bay. The whole radio show is just to promote his real estate company Platinum MVP.

He tries to get real estate clients by saying he gets them massive exposure.
If you check his listings on Zillow and anywhere else, you will see he doesnt sell any faster than anyone else.

I quote "I tell everyone about the online tv because it sounds like they get more exposure". Thats what he told me.

Actually the show partners he brings on related to real estate makes the show likely illegal since show partners and or guests are in the same industry and likely do business with him.

The show is broke and months behind in payments. He ran a ton of commercials and didn't get a single call for us. If you want the names and phone numbers of ripped off employees call [protected]

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