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The CORRECT answer is – NO BAIL OUT!!!

I will make this very simple for everyone to understand. If a company can not make a product that the CONSUMER wants to buy at a PRICE that the consumer wants to pay, then that company no matter how large should go out of Business.

Here in GA, KIA is building a HUGE NEW FACTORY. How can KIA be making money when GM and Ford are not. GM and Ford needs to cut cost and build products that people want.

Good things happen when OLD NON-PROFITABLE companies are allowed to go out of business. Guess what that is, NEW MORE efficient companies come to be. For example, Eastern Airline went out of business and then companies like ValuJet, SouthWestern and JETBlue came to be.

When Government gets involve they end up making things worst for everyone!!!


  • Ri
    richard whitman Nov 21, 2008
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    we agree we are having the same trouble what a ripoff

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  • Vi
    Victor & Lillian Dec 18, 2008

    My wife and I totally agree. We purchased at Tahiti Village Phase 2 in 2006 for the odd years and was told that the property would be ready September 2007. The water feature and the 18-hole putting green would be ready in 2007 as well. In March 2008, we took the kids to Las Vegas for spring break. We were unable to reserve rooms for Phase 2 as it was not ready and we had to stay at the Soleil property. We were very displeased with this property. While in Vegas during spring break we were invited to a presentation to see the updates to the Tahiti Village property. During that meeting we were told that Phase 2 would be ready September 2008. We were offered to purchase the "even" years. The closer came to meet with us after the sales rep could not convince us to purchase the event years. We explained our situation to this closer stating that the interest rate would be to high for our financial situation. The closer informed us there were a number of companies on-line that would refinance the timeshare. He also told us we could rent our weeks out and make money on the timeshare. We returned home on a Monday which was beyond the 5-day grace period given to change your mind. After having an opportunity to look into the refi we found that this was a total lie. There was not one company that would refi timeshares. We spoke with a number of companies and all said the same thing. We contacted Tahiti Village and scheduled a conference call with a customer service rep and informed them of what had taken place. A few weeks later we received a letter from the legal division stating that we would not be allowed out of our contractual obligation as the 5-day grace period had passed and we should not have purchased something based on what a representative stated to us.

    In September of 2008, we stayed at Tahiti Village Phase 2. This is after a year later of when it was actually suppose to have opened. Upon checking in my wife requested information regarding the water feature that was to be ready and she was informed that the water feature was not completed. This again was something that was promised to us upon our initial purchase. When we inquired about the 18-hole putting green we were informed that the putting green hadn't even broken ground yet. This again is misrepresentation of products and services.

    My wife and I have again contacted the customer service division and have been told that we would not be allowed out of our contractual obligation. At this point we are definitely interested in participating in a Class Action Lawsuit. Tahiti Village has definitely misrepresented their products and services, sales reps used dishonest and unethical sales practices, etc.

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  • Ma
    majordad18 Jan 20, 2009

    We just returned from a presentation, the price was 47, 990, we also were told we could refinance, and our interest rate was 17.9%! The closer was very high pressure, name of Ryan, the salesman, Hasson, seemed amiable until he realized we were not buyers, then he became reticent and started pouting, trying to play us. The $768 maintenance fees were a doozy, and I go with the old saying, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is, regarding the 12 "free" vacations. "No" is one of my favorite words with sales people.

    The BBQ area seemed to be populated with actors, as none of the grills were putting out heat or smoke, and no one was drinking or eating anything. The Wheel and Balloons was pretty amateurish, as was the "first buyers" announcement. Even money they were shills too.

    Good luck with your law suit.

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  • In
    Interested Party Jan 23, 2009

    What is unfortunate is that dozens of couples everyday are approached by the developer. It surprises me that the big casinos allow this practice to go on in their place of business. Our maintenance fee has increased every year and the resale opportunity is almost non-existent. I think it would be hard to give the timeshare away with an over $700 a year maintenance fee. Please tell everyone you know that there are plenty of units for re-sale at a fraction of the asking cost.

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  • Pe
    Pennies from heaven Jan 27, 2009

    I also agree my husband and i was suckered into purchasing in April of 2008 were now being told we are behind in our maintenance fees which i do not understand because it has not even been a year yet since we signed the contract.. We are trying to get out of this stupid contract and still spare our credit we are in the process of living from check to check to make ends meet and can no longer afford to pay for something we have never and do not plan on using.

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  • Be
    Becky Jan 29, 2009

    Suckers are still born every minute.

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  • Ta
    tahiti village sucks Jan 30, 2009

    Working for them is no better and they teach and force us to be liars in order to keep our jobs. When they started laying off more departments, they promised the existing ones that we would get a pay raise and instead lied to us and cut our pay. Most of us with more than 2 brain cells to rub together are just waiting for them to lay us off so we can collect unemployment. We all hate working there and management is notorious for all sorts of harassment, especially sexual. Working for them is like being in a concentration camp. We get penalized/fired for using our paid sick time, we don't get adequate break times so we all suffer from indigestion and being burnt out and if you want to get promoted you have to sleep your way to the top.

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  • Yi
    Yisel Vasquez Feb 02, 2009

    These people are complete SCAM artists... my boyfriend and I attended their presentation on Saturday this weekend while we were in Vegas and they completely wasted our time, just because we expressed that everything looked beautiful we were attacked by 3 different sales men and the price kept going down and down with every salesperson that came in the room. So glad we did not purchase. You know the best way to get these people??? Attend the presentations... take all the gifts and SAY NO NO NO NO NO!!! No thanks! Walk out and enjoy your tickets or other gifts... you've earned them by listening to their pointless drivel/PUSHY--PUSHY unethical sales tactics. For those who unfortunately bought into it... please stop paying and let them SUE you. There is definitely a CLASS ACTION lawsuit in the wings for these THIEFS.

    Yisel (Bronx, NY)

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  • Tr
    Tracey Feb 09, 2009

    We too, got suckered into this sale. 2 years ago. We purchased phase II, the Bora Bora. They did tell us that we could refinance & they told us they were building a second pool & lazy river. When we stayed there in October 2008, they told us there would be no second pool. LIARS. I dont know how to get out of this without having my wages garnished. We are struggling & have already lost our home to foreclosure, I cant afford the $448.95 a month to pay for this anymore. If you do the class action suit, I will do my research on my deed also & join you. I bet you my deed is screwed up too. Are the maintenance fee's really up to $700 now????

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  • Lj
    L James Feb 14, 2009

    I really, totaly agree with that is said above. My wife and I just got back from Vegas today and had a great time except for the time share gustapo that seemed to meet us at every street corner and in every hotel. As a foriegn visiter to Vegas I was really turned off by the
    sleazy tactics used by this outfit. The free shows and dinner were almost
    too high of a price to pay to sit through a three and half hour presentation. It was shameless. We to went through the 'three salesman' attack and each one was your best friend and biggest fan until you said 'no' then they treated you like you had leprosy. They wanted us to invest in an ill defined, half developed resort during a recession when we live out of the country. Crazy. Vegas was really a cool place but someone has to stop these aggressive con artists. I heard from several of them that they could get fired if they said the wrong thing. What a hoax. Good luck on the class action!! You all are in the right.

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  • Lo
    lostpuppy Feb 20, 2009

    Has anyone talked to an attorney yet? My Sister and brother-in-law got ripped off by the sales team and I’m trying to find help for them.

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  • Qd
    QDO Feb 25, 2009

    We also we duped by this. I feel pretty stupid about it now. Bought Phase 2 in 11/07 with the promise it was almost ready, not true. Extra fees charged for "free" things. It has become unaffordable for us at this point to even consider using their travel agency for trips. Rip off city. Now for the clincher...

    I find someone who is intersted in buying my Tahiti Village Timeshare. I call to get the details from TV and here is what I am told. I can add them to the account BUT I AM STILL LIABLE FOR THE MONEY UNTIL IT IS PAID OFF! I don't know these people that want to buy it, I am not going to sub-let this f ing time share to them hopeing they make their payments. THERE IS NO WAY OUT. Trapped, lied to, not living up to the services promised and yet NOTHING I CAN DO. HELP!!! Any lawyers who work on this stuff?

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  • Ch
    Cheri Mar 03, 2009

    I agree!!! My husband and I bought in October 2007. We got pressured, along with everyone else. We receive 4-5 harrassing "courtesy" calls per day, up to 5 days before our payment is due, asking us to pay our bill early every month. Then, if you don't make your payment on time, they call you 9-10 times a day asking you how you are going to be making your payment today. It has gotten to the point of severe frustration. We were told that this would be an incredible deal for us, since we traveled for work so much, that we could use our time share or free vacations anytime. They also told us that they could get us a lower interest rate and when we got the paperwork, it was still at the 17% they originally offered us. When I called to complain about it, they denied that they offered us a lower rate. We even got the salesman on the phone and he lied and said the company would never allow him to lower the interest rate any lower than the 17%. They told us that we could trade our timeshare at any time, but we had to book our time share in order to find out what else was available for that time frame. It is totally different than what we were sold. I also asked about cancellation, and was told that we were locked into the contract. We have all been dupped! I would love to be included in the class action! [protected]

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  • Jr
    jragon Mar 09, 2009

    I just got this situation last week.
    Heard of all about the scam, I am thinking if I can get of out this, since I only get it for less than one month.
    Sb can help me?

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  • Ma
    manny nordel Mar 15, 2009

    my wife and i went thru this 3 hr sales pitch, i asked to read it in writing and they got angry, i was thinking of buying it to take the family on a week vacation in vegas, money is not the issue they are crooks, bring back old vegas this new corporate scams is not what the city was built on

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  • Rj
    RJG Mar 16, 2009

    My husband and I went to a time share seminar in Seattle because we were promised a free trip to Vegas. We never had the intention to buy anything. Of course, we said NO for the entire presentation, and retrieved our free trip. We ended up paying $300 for two nights, three days, and when we arrived we were told we had to go to ANOTHER timeshare seminar. 5 hours of high pressure sales later, we were finally free and exhausted and grumpy. What a joke. These people are selling a bad investment, using high-pressure tactics, and wasting my time. Our "free" vacation just for attending had all kinds of hidden fees, and the accomodations sucked. There really is no free lunch. I wasted seven hour of my life listening to cheesey sales people.

    I hope you all get your money back from these jerks.

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  • Ju
    JULIA Apr 06, 2009

    We are in the same boat as many! If anyone has any further information on this - please e-mail me. We stopped payment in January and have received countless e-mails and phone calls. They have threatened to foreclose and we are so upside down on our personal properties that at this point - we don't care. We invested soo much already $8, 000 and at this point we just don't care to drain our pocket book any further. If any of you have actually been foreclosed by this Resort - let me know how this affected you. [protected]

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  • In
    InTheKnow Apr 09, 2009

    I would join a class action
    Now that the economy is in the tank, Consolidated Resorts had resorted to harassing even the people who pay their bill on time. We experienced many of the same bloated claims about the ease of use and the value of owning a time share. I wish I would have had the opportunity to do some research and found forums like this that give back ground on what type of company I was getting into bed with.

    There is ZERO market for selling a time share so the value of the property is $0.00! They also fail to inform peole that for every day you delay in making your payment that the amount you pay toward your principle is decreased. If you pay after the 10th, your entire payment goes toward interest!

    Buyer Beware! These people should be shut down!

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  • Fa
    FatRadioGuy Apr 09, 2009

    We have been "Owners" at Tahitti Village, Las Vegas for over a year. The FIVE HOUR HIGH PRESSURE sales pitch finally wore us down. We bought for about 20% of what they started at and STILL paid too much.

    We have tried to use it and have NEVER been able to make ANY reservations. We have TWELVE weeks a year... yeah right!!! We tried to use ONE WEEK and were not able to book anything.

    They invited us to come for a week for $150 and they were going to "TEACH US" how to use the property. No... They tried to sell us more!

    We said NO!! and were treated like dirt for the rest of the week.

    If there is a class action lawsuit, count me in!! I have recorded my calls with them too! I told them it THEY record them... I can too!

    I have some GREAT stuff about the new HIGHER maintainance fees that we supposedly voted for. Did YOU know about the meeting?? Me neither!

    If you e-mail me make sure you put TAHITTI VILLAGE SCAM in the subject line or it will go to the trash!

    My e-mail is [protected]

    I hope we can all get rid of these jerks!!

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  • Ol
    Oleeta Apr 11, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I will gladly join any class action suit as well. Please let me know what I need to do.My e-mail is [protected] I have used the time share for two years in a row. It's a lovely place. My complaint has to do with the harassing phone calls I constantly get from the collections department, even when I have made arrangements and told them repeatedly when I will make my payment. I am only 5 days late. My husband and I get anywhere from 5 - 9 calls all day long up to 8:55pm. I have filed a complaint with the COO, Mr. Carl Hardin and with the State Attorney General's office. I am really mad now and would take pleasure in being a participant in a class action suit.

    Oleeta Igar

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  • Gr
    grant smith Apr 13, 2009

    Man, I'm loving this. I was raised on timeshare presentations. My dad would take me to these resort places out in the desert, listen to some cheesy presentations, and then head off with new luggage, TV, etc. We were in Vegas just last week at Circus Circus and the woman got me to go to the presentation. My wife cancelled it because she wasn't in the mood to deal with these.
    Advice: go to the presentations for the free ###: we once got cheesecake factory gift cards, AMC movie tickets +3 nights in a really nice Waikiki hotel (and the hotel/room really was nice). At the presentation itself, just act a little weird. When the guy asked me what I value the most (the ultimate sales hook), I answered with my wrestlmania dvds and comic book collection. Also, have a little fun with the poor ### and start quoting from Glengarry Glen Ross - Always Be Closing.
    Then, just strut on out with your freebies.

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  • Ms
    mschivas Apr 15, 2009

    YES! My husband and I are very interested in joining any class action lawsuit. They have contacted us numerous times about maintenance dues and we have never even received a bill! Anytime we contact them regarding our questions, we never get a response back. WE got majorly ripped off by buying the hottest week: New Year's. This was definitely a random, not well-thought of purchase...our own fault. We purchased in Nov. 2007 and haven't even used the timeshare once yet! How I wish we can get out of this!!! What a waste of hard earned money!!! We can barely pay for our home mortgage today, let alone this additional timeshare! They don't offer any flexibility with their contract and of course it isn't anything that we can get a "loan modification" on. Please keep us in the loop with anything and everything you find out! Thanks! Let's pray we can get some sort of relief with all this!!! Best regards to all...Please email us at: [protected]

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  • In
    InTheKnow Apr 15, 2009

    Update: I just filed a complaint with the FTC regarding CRs new collection tacktics which are in violation of federal law. It's real easy to do and only takes about 5 minutes if you have your notes handy. Take notes documenting the calls (dates, times, names of who you spoke with, their position, etc.) You don't have to have everything but the more the better.

    Go to:
    Hit the button on the right side of the screen = Complaint Assistant
    Follow the simple steps.

    CR calls me at least 2 times a day at work during work hours even after I told them to stop. They even call me after they receive my payment!

    I took a different approach with the account manager to find out why they started with the harassment. Turns out they want me to sign up for their automatic payment system that takes the payment directly out of my checking account. I'm glad I read about how hard it is to stop this process in a previous comment on this page. I told them NO!

    The FTC doesn't act on a single complaint. However, a trend of complaints will get their attention!

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  • Cl
    Clem1956 Apr 18, 2009

    Count me in! The phone calls have past the point of harassing.

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  • In
    InTheKnow Apr 22, 2009

    Update: CR is not advertising "Go Green" by signing up for their automatic payment system to help eliminate the need to send payments through the mail.

    Don't do it!

    Once you set up the automatic withdraw from your bank account, about the only way to stop it is to close your account. Don't be fooled by this latest tactic.

    CR's recent increase in harassing phone calls is also an attempt to get you to sign up for autopay. Don't reward them by stabilizing their cash flow based on ending their harassment. This is pure extortion!

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  • Du
    DUPED May 18, 2009

    Signed the contract just two days ago, and after reading this and other reports and complaints from owners and people that have even worked there, my wife and I decided cancel our contract.
    Since I did see a few differences from what has been posted I will list them below.

    1. They now have you sign paperwork to automatically take the payments from your debit or credit card.
    2. They reduced our biennial Bora Bora suite down to $17000. After offering us the smaller unit for $19000
    3. When you sign up at the hotel they take a non-refundable $40 deposit so you are almost forced to go.
    4. They said that there would be adult pools built soon.
    5. They are supposed to break ground on units 3 in 30 days

    So now we have paid $90 to cancel the contract via Express mail and Telegram. Wanted to make sure that it was taken care off. We didnt even get to stay there for free, they did give us lunch and a continental breakfast, plus a limo ride back to the hotel. I should have let them keep the $40 and not even gone!!!

    If you read this and plan to go to Vegas, I suggest you do the following and it came from the salesman's mouth. If anyone offers you this or that for free, and its a 2 hour this or that in exchange, just say you are leaving in 4 hours and they will leave you alone!!!

    Oh and what drove the nail in the coffin is that, I found people renting out their units for $450 or less for the whole week. Even found the Royal Tahitian package for sale at $1500 on-line plus closing costs. I would rather do that then pay the contract terms.

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  • Da
    David May 29, 2009

    Add my wife and I to the list of those terrorized by our poor choice to buy into the Tahiti Villiage bs. We would be in for any kind of legal action we can take against this company. My email is [protected]

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  • Re
    Reagan Bush May 31, 2009

    Tahiti Village and that C actor Alan Very Thick are conmen scamming people out of money via deceptive practices andd fraudulent inducement. We went for the freebies knowing exactly what a timeSCAM was about--"Reagan Bush" was the high pressue cheerleader trying to sell idiots and dumb Americans anything. DO NOT BUY A TIME SHARE. REPEAT--they are SCAMS. Only dumb AMericans and the guillable fall for the high pressure sales tactics used to lure the imbeciles into signing their lives away--similar to the other idiotic "investment"---college.

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  • In
    investwithwisdom Jun 27, 2009

    In case you don't know the Tahiti Village just got shut down on Jun 23, 2009. They closed down all of their sales rooms in Las Vegas, Hawaii and Florida. They have filed for Bankruptcy. You can read in the front page of business section of LVRJ.COM dated 6/23/2009. I am sorry that you guys lost money. I live in Vegas and I know how these high pressure timeshare sales people work. In the future, if you go into the timeshare presentation for freebees. Next time ask them how long is the presentation and then timed them. Legally they can't hold you over.

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  • Up
    upsetinindiana Jul 13, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband and I just bought on June 20, 2009. We were wandering if there is any update since CR has filed for bankruptcy. I can not reach any one by phone except through a number off the Better Business Bureau in which I was told everything is being handled by the Bankruptcy court and we would be contacted in a few weeks. This was something we were excited about and now has turned into a nightmare... We havent even paid the first payment. I dont want to give this place anymore of our money. Does anyone know what will if we stop the direct withdrawal from our account?

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  • Rv
    RVAN49 Jul 17, 2009


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  • Ms
    Ms Griffin Jul 17, 2009

    I also agree. I was fooled into purchasing a vacation in September of 2008. I was also told that I could refinance the property and lower my interest rate.

    I immediatley began seeking companies to refinance without any success; there are none!

    I was sold by the fake FREE vactions too and found that there are in no way FREE.

    I had paid part of the downpayment and closing prior to leaving and was given approximately 2 weeks to complete the remainder.

    My child was very ill and and I couldn't pay.

    I was getting threatening letters and multiple phone calls. I contacted the company and told them that I needed to be released from the contract. They said it was past the 5 day period. They had no compassion and stated that I was legally obligated to fullfill the contract.

    In February I took my tax return to pay off the remainder of the owed fees. I was still srtuggling with being off of work and my childs illness but I wanted to maintain my credit.

    I decided in March that I could not keep allowing this company to withdrawl my hard earned money that I needed to survive and that I would stop the automatic draft. I cancelled my debit card and was issued another one.

    Guess what, consolidated took out 2 payments from my checking account in one month.

    I just said ok well maybe I should just try and keep paying maybe it will pay off.

    I tried to book a vactions and all of these wonderful fees are due. Which total around $700 in addtional to the $270 per month and the down payment and closing of around $2000 already paid.

    I could have stayed a month in Vegas in a luxury aparment for what I have paid for getting nothing in return.

    Now they are filing bankruptcy, I want my money back! I am going to close my accout today!

    Please include me in on the lawsuit.

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  • Mm
    mmmwoj Jul 22, 2009

    We purchase on June 19, 2009 in Maui. Please contact us if anyone has any information on the "Class Action LawSuite" we are IN!

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  • Co
    coolpopsice Jul 24, 2009

    I am interested in joining in a "Class Action Lawsuit" as well. I have been an owner for approx 2 years and have still to be able to find an available place to use my week other than Vegas. I wa told that I would have one week in Vegas or 2 anywhere else in the interval booklet but that is not true. I have a laundry list of problems with this place and and would love to be involved. [protected]

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  • Mi
    Michael Childress Aug 04, 2009

    My wife & I totally agree with all of the comments/complaints. We were falsely represented into purchasing the Tahiti Village vacation resort. We called the customer service everyday and we are on hold for two (2) hours trying to mail the REVOCATION FORM and no one seems to know what we are talking about. Until a month in a half later when our first monthly payment is due we get threatening phone calls from them everyday demanding payment!!! We invested over $3, 500 which they said our request to cancel this contract is decline and we are legally bound to the contract. Please include us in the class action suit regarding this matter. I can be reached at [protected]

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  • Mo
    Moashe Aug 04, 2009

    I have not had any problems with CR, maybe because I have automatic withdrawal for my 7 days - 1 bedroom. I have made two reservations since 2007(I had to cancel the last one because of illness)
    without any problems. But I was offered $24, 000 for my unit by Premier Vacations Rental(a FL company) last week. Do anyone know if Premier offer is a scam? I called the financing company Concord, they said that they do financing for Premier but I have to do my own researching on the offer.


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  • Mo
    mouse2007 Aug 04, 2009

    I completely agree. My husband and I bought at Tahiti Village in 8/2007. We don't want to mess up our credit so we continue to pay even after all the lies. What else can we do? I would love to be part of a class action against these guys and if anyone knows of any please let me know. [protected]

    If you would like some interesting reading about consolidated and all their umbrella corporations check out the link below.

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  • In
    InTheKnow Aug 05, 2009

    Mouse2007: Beware! The website that you listed is operated by Robert Paisola. If you Google him, 19, 000 hits come up. Apparently, he has a long history as a con-artist.

    He claims to have turned over a new leaf after paying his debt to society for a wide variety of crimes including a wide variety of fraud that started as soon as he dropped out of college, up to and including possession of child pornography.

    Apparently, since people like you and me were gullible enough to buy a timeshare, we are also prime targets for people like Paisola to scam again under the ruse of "helping us fight the bad guys" who sold us the timeshare in the first place.

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  • Tr
    Trueblue Aug 10, 2009

    I am very much interested in joining a class action lawsuit against Tahiti Village. Is it too late to join? If not, whom should I contact?

    I posted a blog at:

    Please post feedback on how to join and who to contact or forward an email. If its too late to join, perhaps the website will be useful in getting organized to hit Consolidated Resorts with another lawsuit.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance,

    Ms. Sharen

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  • Be
    bedfordjennifer Aug 11, 2009

    I also am interested in joining in a class action lawsuit. This is ridiculous and needs to stop. please email me at [protected]

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