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COMPLIANCE SERVICES reviews & complaints


COMPLIANCE SERVICES - I am complaining about an employee

Hi my name is Jenny Wong and I am complaining about an employee that works for you 12150 W 95th street. My mom went in today to order a burrito she was looking to see what we got and they would put like half a spoon for rice and beans so my mom asked for more they put more. Then when I asked for chicken they put like 2 little pieces of chicken and my mom asked for more they put like 4 more little pieces of chicken and she put them on the edge and then when she wrapped it the chicken fell out and the worker threw what she put in so my mom asked for more and they put the same just 4 pieces and then when it was time to pay the lady Jeana was very rude to my mom she doubled the price of the burrito and then they put guacamole when my mom didn't ask for that and made her pay 2 more dollars and they only put like half of spoon of guacamole and then Jeana kept telling my mom is that all my mom told her no and she ignored her and told her what the total is. I am a regular customer and she is very rude not just to me but to other members. If this is the way you let them treat us then I will gladly not be going to chipotle no more and I really really like chipotle. But if she is there treating me or other people like that then you well not see me there no more

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.


My business received official looking documents from COMPLIANCE SERVICES in TALLAHASSEE, FL requesting me to fill out a Shareholder info form and send it in along with a $125.00 payment by a very...

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