Complete Garciniaunauthorised credit card debits

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Good Morning,
I responded to a Facebook ad early August for a free trial of Complete Garcinia weight loss tablets. I paid for the postage and packaging only. I received the tablets approximately 1 month later. A few days later there was another charge for $NZ 156, then 3 weeks later another bottle of tablets arrived. I have seen another charge on my credit card for the same amount, so presume I will receive another bottle of tablets in due course.
I did not sign up for this. There was no packaging slip with either of the orders received so far, so I can't see where I have a customer number or account. This is the only contact address that I can find.
Once this 3rd bottle of tablets arrives, I will package up the un-opened 2nd order with the 3rd and will send them back to Fulfillment House for a full refund. I have also instructed my bank not to allow any more debits from your company in future.

Yours Sincerely,
Sue Colley

41 Scotland St,
Mall borough 7220,
New Zealand.


  • S
      Jan 04, 2019

    Same for me. I want to stopp. Whats do do?

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  • L
      Jan 19, 2019

    I have noticed a transaction on my credit card for €90.46 for tablets which I didn’t order. How can I get my money back and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

    Laraine Wiles

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