Zulily / zarine comforter set

United States

I will never order another thing from Zulily again. I ordered the zarine comforter set and it got here today and had kind of an order. I washed the set and the order was worse. I washed it 3 times and not only does the comforter stink like skunk my washer and dryer now smell. I did two wash cycles after and then did a load of launder and now my clothes smell. I am going to post NEVER to buy anything from your company on every social media I can and my 4 sister and all of are friends are going to post this too. You crap has ruined my new washer and dryer. For GOD sakes what did you send me don't you monitor the companies you represent? I am a VERY unsatisfied customer and I am going to tell anyone who will listen what kind of company you are.

Thanks for nothing

Jul 02, 2016

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