Zulily"original price" claims


As a customer, who has spent thousands and thousands of dollars a year on Zulily, in the past, I am writing you today to caution you, as a company, so that you don't turn off paying customers, like myself. I write this letter in love for Zulily, and also because I am compelled as a human to say something when I see something that may be misleading, or dishonest, by a person or company, either by mistake or on purpose.

As a human being, I hold honesty above all else. I would implore you, as a company, to also do the same. As I paying customer. I would humbly say to you that being careful about being honest, or NOT MISLEADING, is MUCH more important to me then a great sale, any day of the week, and twice on Sunday.

As a Zulily customer in the past, I have often checked your prices, the prices you often print in black on your website or app that are crossed out as being, or claiming to be, the ORIGINAL PRICE of the item, or as your lawyer or company would say probably the SUGGESTED original price. The crossed out price in black sits next to your sale price in red. Often, it is very hard to check, or verify, your companies claim on "Original Price", as often the items you are selling are not in stock anymore on the brand item's website (for example NEVE), or the brand item's website is actually a non-English website (for example NIFE), or some items aren't sold via e-commerce, and many other reasons.

Now, let's not forget to mention, in Zulily's defense, all the factor's that could AFFECT the "original price", as stated or suggested by your website. First, I am a Canadian, so I always take into consideration the exchange rate, if the item is not sold on a Canadian website. Secondly, one must be able to find out and verify the original price on said Canadian website, and that the said item, was available to the open public for purchase, at that same price. Something else I must mention, is that I am fully aware that almost everthing in the world is sold, at any price, and we have EBAY and AMAZON to thank for this. For example, a movie on ebay will be for sale at a price anywhere between, $2.99 and $19, 999.00, for the exact same movie. Or for example, the same lug bag can be for sale on Amazon for anywhere between $77.00 and $366.00.

So, let's take that last example of lug bags, and expand on that. Now, if I was an honest company, and not misleading, I would NOT look to or to find my "original price" to post on my website and app for my Canadian customers under your optional Canadian currency side, or the Canadian currency umbrella of your website. No, if I was an honest company, I would look to Luglife Canada, THEIR CANADIAN e-commerce website, the HOME of Lug bags in Canada, for my "original price"! You guys are NOT doing this!!! More egregiously, if you are OUTRAGEOUS enough as a company to look for an "original price" in a different country other then Canada, for customers who have clicked on the Canadian side of your website, you should let them know! THEN, worse yet, if you are outrageous enough to convert an "original price" found in a DIFFERENT country, back into Canadian dollars, I would definitely make this known on my website, if I was an honest company! AND NOT IN FINE PRINT. OR, also just as bad, are you getting your "original prices" from BRICK AND MORTAR boutiques that also MAY sell LUG BAGS, therefore searching Canada high and low for the smallest, most expensive, BRICK AND MORTOR boutique price, then advertising that as the "original price" on your E-COMMERCE website?????

Here is a documented example of how atrocious your company is at finding and identifying the "original price" for items as stated on your website and app, once clicking on Canadian currency. Canadian public, chew on this!!! This morning, on March 24, 2016, WEEKENDER Lug bags were advertised on Zulily for purchase, claiming the "original price" was between $190.00 and $200.00. This is offensive to me, not to mention misleading and dishonest. I personally own many, many, weekender lug bags, some purchased from Luglife Canada, HOME of the Candaian LUG BAG and the original price for the WEEKENDER LUG bag in any color has been $129.00 CA as long as I have been purchasing from them and as far as I know. WHERE DOES ZULILY GET THE "ORIGINAL PRICE" OF BETWEEN $190.00 AND $200.00??????????????? It doesn't matter that your sale price on this Lug bag is worse today then the sale price today on Lug life Canada as you guys can advertise whatever sale you want, but don't insult our intelligence by egregiously stating "OUT OF THIS WORLD" original prices.

This is OUTRAGEOUS and makes me believe something I have wondered for a long time. Zulily cannot be trusted. I would rather be able to trust a company, then get a good sale.


Your former customer

Mar 24, 2016

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