Zuji / Horrible customer service

1 NYC, United States

I made an error on travel dates with Hong Kong Airlines with Zuji (HKG) online, Used phone card to call from US, after few attempts I was lucky to get an agent on the phone, told him my situation that I had 2 bookings with same departure but mistake on return, so one of the 2 tickets need to cancel, he told me that it was nonrefundable and need to charge penalty fee for airlines and admin fee for Zuji.I told him I called within 24 hours, and that airlines usually will waive the fee, I was advised that I have to wait 3 days to hear from Hong Kong Airlines. This Airlines have no courtesy or customer service to waive the fee even though I contacted Zuji within 24 hours I detected the mistake. Now they Hong Kong Airlines and Zuji insisted I pay HKD850.00 for penalty fee to cancel or my ticket is useless. Be careful with new Airlines and Zuji. Don't do it there are so many other websites you can book your trip, ticket on.

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