Ztp Ginseng Birdnest Pte Ltd - Amk HubIll-mannered and uneducated staff

This morning (03-July) I went to purchase afew bottles of herbal drinks for my family. Amazed to found out that there were some arguments going on in the herbal drink store. There was this China auntie (I presume her to be from China due to her accent and let’s name her A) quarreling with another rather plumb-size auntie (let’s name her B).

At some point of time (while I was choosing the herbal drinks), the A even threaten to fight with the B. But to my surprise, I noticed that the B did not retaliate yet came to my assistance to see if I need any help in choosing the right herbal drinks.

Generally, I would not bother so much as long as it does not concern me. But because I could no longer stand the A for blabbing negative things about Singaporeans. Now that's really rude and uneducated. She commented that Singaporeans are dumb. What a bold statement she have made right in front of so many Singaporean shopping in AMK Hub!

I think the B did a good thing by ignoring the A, because if she had not done so, there may be MORE negative things about Singaporean that we DO NOT wish to hear. =) This spirit portrays by the B was worth commenting. I may not know why she did not retaliate but it could be for an obvious reason that one should never try to fight or quarrel in the presence of customers. It will not only ruin one self’s image but the company’s image and reputation as well. The staff in your company are always the biggest asset of all. Hiring the right people for the right job will provide you success in the long run.

So I hope the management of this company will look into this matter and do not ignore the importance of hiring people. All these are just simple process but will help you generate business and make your business sustainable.

*A question worth thinking through: After seeing the post by previous customer (commenting on rude staff in ZTP as well) on upholding good services in Singapore, has the service in Singapore changed after implementing those campaigns? Or is it the hiring process that needs revised?

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