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Witham England, United Kingdom
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I posted my pristine iPad that had been in a cover all its life in the original iPad box. I heard nothing. No email, no acknowledgement. They held it for over a month with no word. After I checked my bank statement again and again for payment, I eventually went back to their website & found they were holding it. They said the corners were damaged & I had only 2 choices: accept £22 (23%) less than their quote or have it returned. So I had to email. I complained at the lack of contact. I asked them to either pay the quoted £93 or send it back IN THE CONDITION I SENT IT. it came back with all 4 corners bashed in. My advice: 1 don't use zoomfish 2 take pics from every angle + a pic of the serial number. 3 print the pics, write on it "proof of condition" and enclose with your item 4 pay the extra for "signed for" postage.

Feb 4, 2017

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